Engineering Base

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Cooperative engineering with EB - consistent, agile, centralized

The challenges for modern engineering systems

Increasingly complex tasks, less and less time and therefore the desire for more cooperation: the classical tool chain is no longer sufficient for parallel, simultaneous editing.

International, multidisciplinary division of labour needs scalable system architectures that support all variants of installation - from single-user workstation to cloud computing. They need to be able to provide both online cooperation on the same database and offline integration of suppliers and customers.

Flexibility: different disciplines, documents, working methods, data models, languages, standards, etc. require maximum adaptability.

Fantasy and reality: considerably reducing time pressure!

How fantastic would it be to handle these multiple tasks much faster? Without error-prone data transfers and consultations? With consistent cooperation of all participating disciplines, despite global distribution, despite different time zones, competences, languages and engineering cultures? With a modern platform concept and access at all times to current data? Sounds like fantasy – and is already a reality: with Engineering Base!

Cooperative by nature

The principle of parallel, simultaneous work of all core disciplines on the same versatile data model puts an end to the time-consuming and outmoded "relaying" of information. Once created, all data can be used directly by all concerned, regardless of location, time zone or language. In this way, the digital image of the design object becomes the permanently up-to-date basis for agile teamwork.

Changing consistently

In Engineering Base, every change is reflected in every representation of the changed object - without waiting times or time-consuming synchronization. Of course, this includes an advanced change management process. Thus the versatile model always ensures the highest consistency of the overall documentation and makes cooperation efficient.

Open for integration

In addition to the parallelization of all core engineering disciplines, the cooperative platform Engineering Base is also open to bidirectional connections to other systems such as simulation and design tools, 3D planning, PLM or ERP. Numerous integrations are already productive practice. No other system offers this versatility!

Modern system architecture

Engineering Base stands for maximum scalability – from notebooks or single-user workstations to SME solutions and server farms with remote access and hundreds of users in the global network.

With Engineering Base, it is possible to design machines, plants and mobile systems with any scalability, even in the cloud. Using Data as a Service, Engineering Base is open both to the direct integration of data from complementary systems and for the use of the combined engineering data in mobile applications or complex information portals.