Reliable data exchange based on international web standards

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Data-as-a-Service for Engineering Base

Reliable data exchange based on international Web standards

Your advantages at a glance:

- Direct M2M communication
- Updating of data without additional user interaction
- Secure and bi-directional
- Mobile data access to engineering data without a detour via a client application
- Web service lays the foundations for engineering in line with Industry 4.0
- Optimum support, for example, in the area of predictive maintenance
- Based on global Web standards
- No extra work for the IT Department


The full integration of engineering into a company's processes is a prerequisite for optimum consistency and efficiency. The system in use must be able to communicate reliably with all software tools involved.
This is the only means of ensuring that users can always rely on the plant model being up-to-date. Thus data exchange is to be possible regardless of whether individual users can use the import or export functions.

Furthermore, the integration of IT systems is always a challenge for a company's IT Department. It must ensure the operational security and availability of systems and also keep an eye on the available resources.


Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) ensures the direct communication of external systems with AUCOTEC's platform Engineering Base (EB). Thus your Apps, ERP and EDM/PDM systems forward their data directly to the business logic of EB's multi-layer architecture. This ensures that information can be exchanged at any time, and EB's data model is always updated with external modifications and can transfer back its changes without additional user interaction.       

This direct M2M communication is one of the preconditions to the ability to excel in engineering for IOT. The Internet of Things, thus the required interconnection, cannot be achieved without Web technology. DaaS uses globally valid standards such as WSDL, SOAP, RESTful API, JSON and WCF, thus there is no extra work involved for the IT Department. Mobile access to the engineering data via established Web standards makes predictive maintenance convenient, secure and always up-to-date, without the detour via client applications.

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DaaS enables state-of-the-art, mobile and secure engineering with full integration into both the business processes and the system environment. The data exchange with all the tools and systems involved in engineering is performed fully automatically at server level and thus reliably without additional user interaction.

DaaS technology is the optimal basis for mobile access to the engineering data. Thus predictive maintenance is also convenient and secure.

The use of global Web standards ensures integration into the corporate IT environment without additional costs for updates or security.