Basic Engineering in the Engineering Base Plant Solution


Basic Engineering in the Engineering Base Plant Solution

Intelligent linking with the simulation saves weeks

AUCOTEC's Basic Engineering package starts with simple, highly efficient PFD configuration using predefined modules. The intelligent linking of simulation and engineering also leads to drastic savings of time and effort for FEED phases. The convenient handling of different scenarios facilitates precise comparison of them - including documentation and costing.

The challenge

Plant manufacturers use Front End Engineering Design (FEED) to make important decisions and realistically estimate costs as the simulation of the FEED phase provides information on important questions: how do I most effectively achieve the desired functionality? Which technology ensures the best cost-benefit ratio for me?

However, there's a catch: often, thousands of items of data must be transferred by hand from the simulation tool into the engineering system. The process takes time, generates expense and is also prone to errors. In addition, the procedure is repeated as in the end different scenarios are to be compared with each other.

The solution

Intelligent linking

AUCOTEC's Engineering Base (EB) cooperation platform offers intelligent linking to common simulation tools, for example to Aspen. Even simulations with Pro II or specially configured XLS costings can be integrated.

Automated simulation calculation

EB's Process Flow Diagram (PFD) and worksheets automatically apply the simulation calculations and display the result of each scenario: from the rough flow chart to the material balance.

Scenario management

Different scenarios are stored in parallel in the intelligent data model and can be compared with each other.

Your benefits

The linking of simulation and engineering system is very useful for your FEED process:

  • Intelligent connection to Aspen, Pro II, XLS and other applications
  • Easy handling of a large number of scenarios
  • Simulation data appears immediately after import in PFD, worksheets and material balance
  • Based on the FEED documentation in EB solutions can be created quicker and more easily
  • Reliable data quality, prevention of transmission errors
  • Significantly shortened FEED phase, saving several weeks per scenario