Cause & Effect in the Plant Solution from Engineering Base


Cause & Effect in the Plant Solution of Engineering Base

What used to be time-consuming and laborious now works at the touch of a button: thanks to its cross-disciplinary consistency, AUCOTEC's Engineering Base (EB) platform enables the user-friendly creation of C&E tables for the commissioning phase.

The challenge

During the commissioning phase, a plant is put through its paces. The basis for the testing engineers are the Cause & Effect tables, also called the Safety Matrix.

To create these tables, logic diagrams, P&ID, and other documentation from the engineering disciplines involved and various CAE tools must be trawled through. Since these tables are also very extensive, their creation requires a lot of time and has potential for sources of error.

The solution

The new efficiency

AUCOTEC's Engineering Base (EB) supports and documents the entire plant design process in a cooperative and interdisciplinary manner. Creating the cause & effect links takes advantage of this consistency and leads to a new dimension of efficiency.

Always consistent

Cause & Effect experts benefit from a database-based digital twin, which provides them with the latest documentation at all times.

C&E for each operation mode

EB applies the otherwise very laborious merging of information from the various areas. Following the C&E specifications of each discipline, the platform creates a C&E table for each desired operation mode.

Your benefits

EB's unique consistency enables highly automated C&E operations with exceptional consistency and quality of tables for different operating modes and scenarios.

  • Creating the cause & effect links based on the intelligent model
  • Easy export of C&E data to Excel as standard matrix
  • Unique consistency of the C&E tables even when created in parallel for process design (P&ID), instrumentation and automation thanks to the connection of disciplines in the common database
  • Userfriendly C&E engineering thanks to filters and overviews
  • Accelerated change coordination
  • Revision management with change tracking and documentation of the C&E history