Bayernwerk Netz GmbH relies on data consolidation in engineering

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EB drives forward network expansion in Bavaria

Bayernwerk Netz GmbH relies on data consolidation in engineering

For over 100 years, Bayernwerk has stood for secure and reliable energy supply in the Free State of Bavaria. Bayernwerk Netz GmbH has a key role to play in this. With the urgent need for new solutions to integrate renewable energies, the company is focusing on digitization and innovation and is systematically working on the expansion of energy networks - from lines to substations and compact switchgear.

New processes - more output

"Due to the rapid development of renewable energies, we need a massive plant expansion. Fast!" says Michael Renghart, Head of Planning/Construction Substations & Switching Stations. "For the necessary increase in output, we have to rethink processes and modernize the engineering. AUCOTEC's Engineering Base (EB) platform supports both in a highly digital way," he explains. EB can already accommodate the single-line definitions of the primary technology and allows the secondary technology to be developed on this basis - without time-consuming coordination, duplicate entries and associated errors. This minimizes system breaks and improves data quality. This also applies to EB's ability to take data from complementary systems and process it intelligently. For example, the planned automated exchange with the plant maintenance system or the parameterization tool of the protection and control technology also saves a lot of work.

With a module kit from one week to a few hours

A highlight for Renghart is EB's modular principle including Advanced Typical Manager. "This reduces the configuration work for plants from a week to just a few hours - per project!" Although a module kit requires initial work, it quickly pays off because: "With just a few clicks, you can create standard-compliant plant documentation, from the single-line design to the wiring manuals and the data model."

Overview and evaluation at any time

Renghart also sees an important prerequisite for future-oriented engineering in being able to view project statuses at any time and easily run evaluations. Document-oriented tools are unsuitable for this, but EB's central plant model plus web services orientation allow the data of any object to be used from any discipline-specific view at any time. For example, EB's workflow wizard makes all project steps controllable and traceable. Another plus is that EB's database and online availability supports Bayernwerk's initiative to further reduce theirCO2 footprint by significantly reducing paper printouts.

Convincing know-how

Not only the platform, but also AUCOTEC's know-how and support were convincing. "The software professionals have been very helpful to us in optimizing processes and avoiding stumbling blocks," says Michael Renghart. This is one of the reasons why EB is now to be introduced at all German network operators in the E.ON Group.