Empower the Grid – Digital, Fast, Reliable!

Faster sustainable with Engineering Base

Grid expansion and CO2 neutrality – these are the biggest challenges of the energy transition for plant manufacturers and operators. The project volume in the energy sector is increasing enormously – unfortunately, the necessary resources are not. A massive modification and expansion of the grids, and doing it as quickly as possible, is at the top of the agenda for a sustainable future. AUCOTEC's database- and object-oriented engineering concept can not only help here, it is the prerequisite for being able to handle all this. The cooperation platform Engineering Base (EB) massively facilitates cooperation both within the company and with the outside world with customers and suppliers. In addition, standardized modular systems and the highly efficient implementation of standards in EB considerably simplify project planning.

Lifelong relationship

From the project idea to the operation of the plant, the system is the basis for sustainability and lower operating costs. This is because it offers more than just a snapshot of a plant being built or operated. The digital twin in EB is "born" long before the real, physical twin. Its data model is the basis for the planning and further developments of all engineering disciplines involved, the construction and finally the operation of the plant, because it grows with the plant and therefore always reflects its current as-built status. Thus, this highly digital documentation is always the anchor, the centre of all knowledge about the plant. Its inestimable value, which has been developed with a great deal of know-how, is retained throughout the entire life cycle.

No more waiting and searching

The fact that the twin thus remains "alive" is mainly due to the fact that in EB's central data storage each object exists only once. All engineering areas – from primary to secondary to protection and control technology – have access to this single source of truth; every discipline-specific detail is immediately visible to all other specialists and can be further processed directly. – Waiting, coordinating and searching are passé, everyone works together, cooperatively and in parallel on the same model. This way, being consistently up to date is achieved effortlessly – without any double entries or manual data transfers and the associated effort and errors; EB's single-line diagram is the best example of this. This principle speeds up the engineering immensely.

Standards as boosters

But EB's project acceleration goes even further: function-oriented standard modules in plant design further reduce throughput times. This is because the modules do not consist of individual devices, but of entire functions together with the associated sheets, devices, cables, wires and logics. This not only reduces the amount of master data, but also errors and, above all, engineering efforts. The plant can be configured virtually at the touch of a button.

In addition, EB is able to implement all international standards in a highly efficient manner. For example, the standards for plant and document structuring IEC 81346 and 81355, which are binding for international tenders, or the requirements described in IEC 61850 for the use of Substation Configuration Language (SCL), and even the future RDS PS. Many engineering tools have a hard time with this, but EB does not, thanks to its object-oriented way of working. This makes it much easier to work and structure correctly and the speed-up is self-evident.

The answer is always Engineering Base

Working cross-departmental in a complete and always up-to-date data model, assured data quality in the supplierrelationships and standards-compliant wiring manuals including templates: Engineering Base offers seamless continuity and covers the complete workflow. Where can I find my data? Where is the current status? Where is the complete plant information that goes beyond my discipline? Who ensures the data quality? The answer is always: Engineering Base!

AUCOTEC has been developing software for the energy sector for over 30 years. Together with customers and partners, all of them experienced energy experts, innovations have been driven forward and guidelines developed for years in the energy industry working group initiated and supervised by AUCOTEC; these guidelines are standard level in Germany. All this experience and practicality has gone into EB. The content on the software shows this impressively, as do the many international best practice examples. In this way, EB not only advances your engineering, but also the sustainable future that is so existential for us all. Here, time is not just money, but future quality of life for all.