Article master data import from EPLAN P8 - Format for immediate project planning with Engineering Base

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Intelligent Article Master Data Import from Various Standards

Engineering Base reads master data from eCl@ss Advanced and EPLAN P8® format for immediate designing

Your benefits

  • Easy master data import
  • Rapid integration of components ready to be designed
  • No internal preparation costs for the master data
  • Creation of order lists and bill of materials without any additional costs
  • Creation of writing lists with exact wire lengths
  • Complexe symbolism for representing the components in diagrams


The usual commercial article master data, which is provided by the various component manufacturers, cannot be readily used by Engineering as a rule. It first has to be prepared, for example, with technical data, connection designations and the appropriate symbols, before it can be used by Engineering in diagrams and lists. Various standards are used for the E-CAx-compliant product data description in the meantime. Manufacturers may need to keep their device data in multiple formats because the one  standard for all purposes has still not been established.


Engineering Base users have a dual advantage due to the newly developed reading ability of the system. This is due to the fact that the EB platform can read both the article master data prepared in the eClass Advanced as well as the EPLAN P8® format and simply import them for further processing. Thus EB proves its particular openness and ability to integrate yet again. Component manufacturers no longer need to ask as to the format in which they should deliver either. EB reads (almost) everything!

eClass Advanced:

With its unique new depth of information, the eClass Standard Advanced 7.x now enables engineers to also finally have CAE-compatible and accordingly usable master data information for their area of responsibility. EB is perfectly equipped for this purpose. The database-driven system is already able to easily read the master data provided by component manufacturers in this standard. Thus it can be used immediately in the design process.


Furthermore, EB also has an import filter for EPLAN P8® master data: EB can import all of the information in this data directly due to the common XML format of the data. The format is characterised by the fact that, in addition to the usual commercial and technical data (for example, order number, current or power), the symbolism for representing components is already available. EB can simply import all of this information in one single operation. More than 40 renowned manufacturers already offer their article master data in this format.