LMF combines departments and eliminates errors via EB

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Error-free high-pressure engineering

LMF combines departments and eliminates errors via EB

Leobersdorfer Maschinenfabrik LMF from Austria is one of the world‘s leading developers and manufacturers of reciprocating compressors. The Babcock Group company supplies complete, customized and turnkey solutions for compressors, and exports 75% of them to Asia. With almost 170 years of experience, LMF offers state-of-the-art engineering and all services from testing to maintenance from a single source.

The industries in which LMF is involved, such as the oil and gas industry, power or chemical plants, have specific safety requirements. Their regulations, especially explosion protection guidelines, require meticulous adherence. Everything from thousands of customer specifications to all design changes must be clearly documented. This became more and more complex, however, due to the greater system diversity at LMF, the increasing amount of data and too many error-prone data transfers. „The various tools never knew what was happening in the others,“ concluded Rudolf Haydin, Head of LMF‘s 38-member Engineering department.

Less time pressure, more transparency

Therefore, LMF opted for AUCOTEC‘s platform Engineering Base (EB). Its versatile, object-oriented data model combines all core design disciplines and makes information consistently comprehensible. EB thus minimized the variety of tools, while bringing together various experts – internal mechanical engineers and I&C design experts, as well as engineering service providers of customers. According to the Department Head, the elimination of interfaces alone reduced project periods by 10%.

„All participants now always see the up-to-date status of the project. Multiple data transfers are eliminated, and all information is immediately visible to everyone, regardless of where they 
work,“ said Haydin. Transmission errors are completely excluded, while saving time, increasing quality and improving safety.

Consistent from sales to final documentation

Furthermore, the Sales department is now using EB for tender configurations. „Our customer projects are usually subject to very specific requirements because they have to fit exactly into an existing environment. This does not involve one, but hundreds of compressors,“ said the Department Head.

The tender is quickly created using EB‘s „typicals“. If the company is awarded the contract, the engineers can prepare the tender data directly for the specific plant. Thus, from the initial idea to the final documentation, EB is the single source of truth for plant data at LMF, and Rudolf Haydin‘s team considers itself to be ideally equipped for the future.