Machine manufacturer MUK 30% faster thanks to Engineering Base

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All-in-one system

Machine manufacturer MUK 30% faster thanks to Engineering Base

Maschinenbau und Konstruktion GmbH Elmshorn (MUK) designs and builds customized solutions for production automation. The handling systems and special robots are used wherever components and goods are transported and fed for processing, packaged, palletized or depalletized. Whether for aerospace, carpet manufacturing, the automotive or packaging industry, and especially if standard solutions are unsuitable, MUK supplies customized machines.

Always up-to-date

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The innovative company, founded in 1980, has always recognized the signs of the times at an early stage and has known how to exploit modern technologies. The electrical design has been developed since 1987 with AUCOTEC‘s software system ELCAD, when CAD/CAE was still in its infancy. „We were really happy with the tool, it served us well for decades with its structured data exchange for I/O programming,“ said Peter Thießen, Head of Electrical Design at MUK. However, companies, machine complexity and time pressure had increased in the meantime. Thus, when Engineering Base (EB) was first presented to them, the MUK experts immediately recognized the potential of this database-driven platform as a future-oriented alternative.

„Over 30% faster“

„In addition to AUCOTEC‘s excellent support, which we knew, we were particularly impressed with the elimination of inconsistent data through EB‘s central data model to which all participants have access,“ said Thießen in relation to the decision-making of the mechanical engineers. According to him, the introduction of the new system has once again significantly simplified MUK‘s software environment and streamlined the project structures.

„We have reduced the project times by more than 30 percent with EB,“ said the Department Head, „all documents such as circuit diagrams, workshop and order documents as well as documentation derivatives are now in a single system.“ According to Thießen, purchasing has also become faster because the order lists are far more correct. In addition, the Documentation department gets everything it needs; the desired languages are more or less available at the press of a button.

30 years of faith

„At the same time as the significant acceleration, the data quality has improved significantly,“ stressed Peter Thießen. He has set his sights on linking engineering to MUK‘s ERP system as the next step. EB‘s openness and ability to integrate are just right for this purpose. „After 30 years of collaboration, we know each other well. We have great faith in AUCOTEC!“ concluded the mechanical engineering professional.