Turbomachinery manufacturer views itself as optimally prepared with EB

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Turbomachinery manufacturer views itself as optimally prepared with EB

De Pretto Industrie S.r.l., with corporate headquarters in Northern Italy, exploits experience gained in the 125 years of the company‘s history for its high-class turbo machinery. Its steam turbines and turbo compressors are sought after well beyond Italy‘s borders, as are the components the company manufactures for various industries (wind energy, chemical, nuclear etc.). De Pretto‘s most important customers are refineries, large steel mills, the basic chemicals industry as well as power companies.

The number of different tools for documenting the processes and the electric detail planning has grown together with the company. The inhomogeneous tool environment has in many cases formerly led to incongruous data in the different documents. This resulted in misunderstandings, timeconsuming adaptations and pronounced delays when installing De Pretto‘s system components.

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20 per cent working hours saved

After a thorough check of four alternatives, the turbomachinery experts opted in favor of Engineering Base (EB) from AUCOTEC. „The database-driven system best met our requirements for high flexibility, user-friendliness and quick integration into our workflow“, explains Massimo Buzzacaro, manager of the instrumentation and controls department at De Pretto when EB was implemented. „EB pays 
off already after a very short time because familiarization is so fast.“

This is confirmed by measuring technique engineer Alberto Bellotto, who also accompanied the implementation and adaptation of EB Instrumentation at De Pretto: „We have been profiting from EB from the very first project. Starting with 20 % savings in engineering hours via complete data compatibility between the different documents to a profoundly improved documentation quality!“ Bellotto views the genuine common processing of all engineering disciplines involved even at different locations as decisive advantage. „The object-oriented database provides consistent matching of the data independent of their place of origin; thus we can integrate even data from external suppliers.“

Strong for the market

Something that also contributed to the quick realization of the goals at De Pretto was the valuable on-site support provided by AUCOTEC. Bellotto‘s conclusion: „With EB‘s flexibility and AUCOTEC‘s service, we can face future tasks with confidence!“ And manager Buzzaccaro adds: „Thanks to AUCOTEC and EB we will continuously strengthen our market position.“