Kangni: collaborative design with Engineering Base

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On the way to the top

Collaborative design with EB breaks through the barrier between design and production of Kangni

Nanjing Kangni electromechanical Co., Ltd. is an innovative listed company focusing on the research and application of mechanical and electrical core technology. The company mainly engages in R&D, manufacturing, sales and technical services of rail transit door system and new energy vehicle parts. Among them, as the core product of the company, the urban rail vehicle door system has been accounting for more than 50% in China for more than ten years. According to SCI report, the global segment market share of the company door system ranked first in 2019, rising to 34%. The company exports its products to more than ten countries such as the United States, France, Canada, etc., and is the strategic partner and supplier of China CRRC, Bombardier and ALSTOM, and the main formulation unit of national standards Side Door Of Urban Rail Vehicle Passenger Compartment andTechnical Specification For Electric Passenger Compartment Of Urban Metro Vehicles. By the end of 2019, the company has obtained 887 authorized patents, including 169 invention patents, 16 international invention patents and 107 software copyright registered in total.

Design bottleneck

Due to the limitations of traditional design tools, the design quality and efficiency of Kangni’s engineering are not high, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  1. There is no standard symbol library or device library
  2. Overseas project drawings cannot be automatically translated
  3. Low degree of automation, inconsistent design data
  4. Lack of effective data management, poor data relevance
  5. Unable to integrate with enterprise management platform

Through the understanding of the application of electrical and wiring harness software in rail transit industry at home and abroad, as well as the investigation of software manufacturers, most manufacturers have applied professional design software for electrical principle and wiring harness design. Based on the professional relational database, fully open API interface and widely successful application of EB software in the same industry, Kangni introduced the Engineering Base (EB) collaborative design software of German AUCOTEC company in 2015, and achieved good results in the development department and process department.

Natural collaboration

The development department uses EB for principle design, automatically generates wiring number and wiring diagram required by production. The integration of EB and PLM is realized. The design drawings and BOM are automatically uploaded to PLM system with one click, and the signing process is automatically completed in PLM.

The process department has realized the integration of EB and professional 3D software. Through 3D wiring, the accurate wire length is obtained and returned to EB. The off-line table is automatically generated in EB and output to the off-line machine for automatic wire cutting, terminal pressing and wire numbering, thus reducing the labor force of 12 people.

On the basis of the natural collaborative design mode of the same database and effective authority management, EB makes the development department and the process department share the design data in the same platform, and complete the project design and change. The unique data source ensures the consistency of the project data of the two departments and effectively reduces errors. A high degree of automation improve the efficiency of several times.

Keep improving

After breaking through the design process barrier, Kangni realizes automatic selection of crimping terminals through development, and automatic generation of process operation instructions, further improves automation level, improves design efficiency, avoids manual intervention, improves data utilization and accuracy, and then improves design quality. EB collaborative design platform, open API, etc. provide many possibilities, continue to play role in other departments of Kangni gradually, and assist Kangni to become the world-class enterprise.