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Engineering Base for rail vehicle development

Increase your workflow efficiency

  • Configuration of standardized functions for one specific train
  • Creating new components on a purely alphanumerical basis or in a simple overview without circuitry details
    • Capturing components for long-running orders, detail information and circuitry can be supplemented at a later time
    • Concise representation of the vehicle concept
    • Route overview in the vehicle can be used for bundle definition and subsequent line length calculation
    • The option of creating various concept plans provides the engineer with a virtual model of the compiled data in various views. This model is always consistent, allows for a quick navigation between various views, and it allows for the easy output of customized and self-configurable reports at any time.
  • Freedom of choice: create functional plans and alphanumerical wiring or wiring-right circuit diagrams
  • Creation of functional plans or circuit diagrams
    • Reusing standardized functions
    • Adaptation to specific requirements
    • Auto device numbering pursuant to FSF
    • In case of changes, automatic adaptation of all views on a device, in the overview, the functional plan, the hydraulic or pneumatic plans, or in lists, i.e. easy assurance of the quality of engineering data and documentation
    • Tracking changes for optimum traceability
    • Multi-user processing even at the level of individual objects
  • Definition of wiring based on functional plans and units in the railcars
    • Automatic generation of wiring
    • Rule-based selection of connectors and contacts
    • Comfortable insertion of inline connection points through the complete bundle
    • Ensuring consistency between graphics and alphanumerics
    • Parallel creation of functional plans and alphanumeric wiring is possible
    • Easy generation of state information for planning
    • Highly efficient change of wiring without manual adjustment of the graphical representation of functional plans
    • Easier compliance with delivery dates: early start of the wiring definition and efficient wiring functionalities allow early start of production
  • Creation of production records
    • Definition of pre-fabricated cable sets
    • Creation of cable set drawings
    • Managing cable set accessories and protective material
  • Integrations
    • Automatic length calculation and collision checks through bidirectional interface to common 3D CAD systems
    • Easy integration into existing IT and production environments
    • Provision of high-quality information for suppliers
    • Flexible exports through simple report configuration
    • Automation through the support of programming standards like .net, VBA, and support of modern service-oriented architectures