CRRC Widely Uses EB for Digital Vehicle Design


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CRRC Widely Uses EB for Digital Vehicle Design

Global Leader

CRRC is one of global scale leading suppliers of rail transit equipment with complete variety and first-class technology. Its products include railway locomotives, multiple units, urban rail transit vehicles, etc. CRRC adheres to independent innovation, open innovation and collaborative innovation, continuously improves its technological innovation system, and has built a world leading technology platform and manufacturing base for rail transit equipment products.

New Challenges

Rail transit equipment is the vanguard of Made in China 2025, and the importance of design is self-evident. More than ten years ago, CRRC has been faced with many problems, such as large number of projects, short design cycle, and difficult change management. Therefore, it began to use the last generation of electric design software ELCAD of AUCOTEC company for drawing and automatically generating wiring lists, equipment lists and other documents, which greatly improved the design efficiency.

However, with the increase of projects and design difficulty, the traditional file based electrical design software of the previous generation is increasingly unable to meet the design needs of large vehicles, and CRRC's designers face new challenges as below:

  • How to realize multi- person online collaborative design of large projects;
  • How to realize mechatronics, connect two-dimensional and three-dimensional data, and complete three-dimensional wiring;
  • How to integrate design software and management software to replace the traditional data interaction of CAD, Word and Excel to realize the digital process;
  • How to use historical design data to ensure the stable switching of design platform;
  • How to manage design change more efficiently and provide change report clearly and accurately.

Digital collaboration

As the latest generation of digital engineering design software of Aucotec company, Engineering Base (EB) has a unique database architecture, and its natural genes are fully compatible with digital design. Aiming at the rail transit industry, we have launched the professional solutions of EB rail industry, combined with the basic database of rail customization, which can perfectly meet the latest needs of CRRC.

By using the EB rail industry solution, CRRC designers break through the barriers of electrical design, structural design and process design. After completing the schematic diagram and three-dimensional structure design, they can automatically generate the wiring list, wiring layout list, routing path list, cable model list, harness list and other documents, which can be directly used to guide production. Compared with the traditional design process, EB's solution breaks the design barriers between departments, makes the design content flow seamlessly in the form of data, and truly realizes digitization, intelligence and standardization. Instead of the traditional document circulation, it brings many advantages: in the past, every time a document was delivered, the upstream and downstream departments needed to waste a lot of manpower and material resources to sort out and count the documents, and they needed to check and communicate again and again when they found errors. The digital design platform based on EB is no longer subject to the traditional CAD, Word, Excel and other documents, but directly through the platform interface, Digital delivery to other platforms and departments can not only ensure the accuracy of delivery data, but also effectively manage the change content.

Platform Roll-out of Vehicle Models

With the help of AUCOTEC's mobility team, CRRC Changchun Rail Vehicle Co., Ltd. has completed such important projects as Standard 350, CRH380, SDL long series, SDL batch and Beijing Zhangjiakou intelligent high speed railway. CRRC Qingdao Sifang locomotive and rolling stock Co., Ltd. has completed such important projects as Jaikada-Badong highspeed train, standard 250, etc. CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. has completed Kunming line 5, Luoyang line 2, Philippines PDEMU and other important projects. CRRC Qishuyan Locomotive Co., Ltd. has completed HXN5 locomotive, AC drive diesel locomotive, Thailand SDA3 locomotive, Thailand CDA5B1 locomotive, Argentina CDD5A1 wide rail DC diesel locomotive and other important projects. CRRC Ziyang Locomotive Co., Ltd. has completed such important projects as 1-CKD6E6000 hybrid locomotive, 28T pure electric rail locomotive, 700kW hybrid locomotive and HXN6 large hybrid 831 locomotive.

Through the verification and testing of typical projects, the improvement of design quality brought by EB platform has been unanimously recognized. CRRC will continue to promote EB platform and apply it in EMU, urban rail transit, maglev, locomotive and other full platform vehicles. AUCOTEC will also help CRRC continue to be the vanguard of “made in China 2025” and lead the development of "smart" manufacturing in China.