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More sustainability: Accelerating the future of hydrogen together

Hydrogen expert Sunfire decided for Engineering Base

Sunfire GmbH, a leading hydrogen technology company founded in 2010 in Dresden, eastern Germany, has developed numerous innovations in the field of electrolysis technology. As one of the world's most innovative cleantech companies, Sunfire is a member of the Global Cleantech 100 Hall of Fame. The company relies on innovative high-temperature SOEC electrolysers and pressurized alkali technology to lead energy-intensive industries such as the chemical, steel and mobility sectors into a sustainable future. And most recently also on Engineering Base (EB), the software platform developed by AUCOTEC.

Modular and agile

Electrolyzer SOEC - Sunfire© Sunfire GmbH

Sunfire's engineering professionals became aware of AUCOTEC through an article about ‘data driven engineering’. Their requirements: modular engineering, leaner processes, a unified software landscape, and fewer errors in the design process. "EB enables simultaneous cooperation between all engineering disciplines, which is particularly important to us. This means that every change or addition is immediately visible and trackable for everyone," explains Dr. Wolfgang Staroske, Director of Project Engineering at Sunfire, adding: "For us, the platform's object-oriented data model forms the foundation for significantly more efficient and agile plant development and clear, modular engineering. We work with highly standardized modules that can be 'clicked together' and scale up plants by multiplying modules."

More efficiency, fewer resources

With EB, Sunfire can not only standardize its previously fragmented engineering software landscape but also significantly reduce the susceptibility to errors through consistent data and automatic change management. "This increases the documentation quality. At the same time, we can bundle company know-how centrally in EB," says Staroske. "Overall, we expect significantly greater efficiency and lower personnel costs."

Impressive as a complete package

"The platform has fulfilled our most important requirements: complete object orientation, clear navigation and better electrical and process engineering functions. We explored the market for a long time, but it was EB that impressed us," says Staroske. AUCOTEC will provide Sunfire with intensive support during the launch. "Our partnership will help to produce green hydrogen on a large scale and promote profitable business models for a more sustainable world," the Director of Engineering is convinced.

For AUCOTEC, the Sunfire decision is an important affirmation: "EB enables a unique combination of the advantages of a highly standardized product world with the individual requirements in the field of plant engineering," explains Uwe Vogt, member of the Executive Board of the AUCOTEC AG. “It perfectly aligns with our focus on sustainability that we have convinced this innovative company from such a promising, sustainability-oriented technology environment."