The direct way to fast wire assembly


From Engineering Base to CadCabel

The direct route to rapid wire fabrication

Your benefits

  • Speediest wiring fabrication
  • Automated wire identification
  • Nearly 100% error-free
  • No burden of investments in outsourcing or ownership of machines
  • No need to read wiring information from the circuit diagram
  • Bundling and identification accelerates connection
  • Simple data transfer from EB


The construction and conventional wiring of switching units tends to be very time- and cost-intensive. Reading from the circuit diagram, trimming and stripping of conductors and insulation, fabrication and identification takes a great deal of time, and besides is prone to error. This type of work is also frequently outsourced to low-wage countries, but in terms of quality this can be awkward and the initial costs are high. Automated in-house support for wiring would be an option but implies a significant investment in machines, new staff and a continuous maintenance effort. So what is the most rapid route to connection-ready wiring bundles, despite rising demands for short delivery times and reliable quality?


Wiring harness cable databaseAUCOTEC AG

With the rationalisation concept from CadCabel AG, ready-trimmed wiring bundles complete with ferrules or other contacts plus directly printed or sleeved identification can be manufactured 60 to 70% faster. Wiring bundles that can be ordered online around the clock can be delivered by CadCabel within 24 hours in Germany or 48 hours throughout Europe. Each individual wire is clearly identified by plant, location, equipment identification, connection designation, source, wiring direction and destination.

For over 15 years CadCabel has been offering innovative bundling technology: rapid, reliable and top quality. The company's modern manufacturing lines require practically no setup time and keep up to 120 different wires in stock. Manufacture is nearly error-free and in addition, the individually identified wires permit rapid wiring of the switching unit to proceed without mistakes. CadCabel's high-quality bundling technology has already saved time and money for many clients in industries as diverse as railway locomotives, process control, CNC machinery, pumps, medium and high voltage systems, wind energy equipment, hydroelectric power stations and building technology.

Interface removes sources of error

Cabinet ManufacturingAUCOTEC AG

The near-100% freedom from error is the result of CadCabel's manufacturing plant working with the engineering data from the E-CAE system. For this purpose, in collaboration with CadCabel, AUCOTEC has now developed an interface for its Engineering Base (EB) software system. CadCabel receives the wiring information that is generated automatically in EB via the interface.

In the initial development version the CadCabel interface transfers all terminal, device and wiring data. They contain all the details of every wire material, pin and connected device (plant, location and equipment identification plus connection information).

This is the basis of CadCabel's comprehensive Turnkey Project offering. The interface responds flexibly to EB's device identifications. Circuit diagrams, template projects, but also terminals and terminal segments are recognised and processed and a component database is generated using the master data for cabinet manufacture. CadCabel then calculates and routes the wire lengths and paths, combines optimal cable bundles and carries out the fabrication to suit, including unambiguous identification. Bundle deliveries are sorted and completely ready for wiring. In addition, CadCabel offers training in the overall concept.

In the medium term a further development version will offer the option for the simple transfer of the complete calculations and topology definitions that EB is capable of making, via a manufacturing list, to CadCabel's production lines.


Using this solution, the process of wiring switching units will be significantly reduced for EB users, while maintaining the highest quality levels. In so doing, the effort required by the user is cut as near as possible to the minimum. The levels of investment in training and development for external wiring services or in expensive equipment and maintenance can thus be reduced. The data created in a single process in EB concerning terminals, devices and wiring can simply be transferred one for one. Within one or two days the wiring harness is on your workbench and merely requires installing which, thanks to wire marking, can proceed without reference to the circuit diagram.