Fastest possible system introduction and short throughput times at a leading pharmaceuticals packaging company

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Fastest possible system introduction and short throughput times at a leading pharmaceuticals packaging company

Sound development in engineering

The Swiss Dividella company develops top-loading solutions for fully automated packaging of injection vials, ready-to-use syringes and other products such as tabletblisters that are difficult to stack. Moreover Dividella, which belongs to the Körber group, is the leading system supplier of innovative wallet machines. The Körber group employs about 9,500 staff members worldwide. Its reference list reads like the Who is Who of the pharmaceutical industry – with names such as Bayer, Glaxo Smithkline, Novartis or Sanofi Aventis.

New challenges

Diverse remodeling jobs in the engineering structure such as the integration of the pneumatic and electrical design into a consistent documentation, the new function-oriented representation, the connection with the ERP solution P2plus and a multifarious modular system also required a new approach for the planning software. In view of the long-standing valuable experience with the engineering tool ELCAD from AUCOTEC, together with the Swiss AUCOTEC partner rotring data AG the packaging professionals analyzed the situation very thoroughly. The result: the ultra-modern, database-driven and object-oriented platform Engineering Base (EB) from AUCOTEC turned out to be ideal for the new engineering approach and Dividella's modular machine concept.


Dividella Körber Solutions - Circuit Diagram© Dividella Körber Solutions

Reto Gubser, in charge of the electrical engineering at Dividella: "The different assistants and worksheets as well as the modern, Office-compliant user interface greatly facilitate the clarity and facilitate the modular design principle; especially with recurrent modules we save a lot!" One thing has particularly impressed the design specialists: “We have introduced EB in a record time. Together with rotring data we could introduce and train EB within a very short period of time and could immediately realize the first project with about 500 servo and stepping motor axles”, thus Gubser enthusiastically.

Let the future come

Therefore also the older machine types are now revised with EB. "Thus we can optimally meet the increasing demands of our customers for greater consistency”, Gubser continues.“The comprehensive, intelligent documents, combined with the most advanced work comfort, these are things that result in distinctly shorter throughput times, and the expansion of the modular concept will advance speedily", he says, and thus views Dividella as optimally prepared for the future.