AUCOTEC Press Review

How Engineering Consolidation Makes Plant Manufacturers Faster

Anything can be consolidated: finances, political positions, companies, supposedly even marriages. But engineering? That especially!


Effortless consistency

How engineering consolidation makes plant manufacturers faster

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Digital twin: adding more value

How the plant twin not only preserves values, but creates new ones

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Don’t let designers stand in the rain

Parallelizing engineering processes increasingly has long been an enforced reality

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Engineering without waterfall model

What is optimal, how can more efficiency be achieved, where are the pitfalls in process organization and how can they be avoided?

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Engineering Review writes about AUCOTEC

Covid-19 fast-tracking adoption of technology

This dire Covid-19 pandemic is a driving force for digitization as the ability to work consistently is more important than ever.

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Engineering Base as Enabler of Digitalization

A lot of development work has gone into the expansion of Engineering Base — and now Aucotec is reaping the rewards.

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Consistency Redefined

The German software designer Aucotec has often set trends in software development.

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