Engineering Base PTD Project


EB PTD Project

Data management for project managers frees up engineering resources

Overview of benefits:

  • Resource-optimizing data and project management for all disciplines from primary to protection and control technology
  • Consistent status and change tracking of individually definable projects
  • Easy data import and export
  • Intelligent, navigable PDFs can be extracted
  • No expert knowledge in dealing with engineering system necessary


Decentralization, smart grids, digitalization and interoperability are currently the major issues for energy suppliers. They offer enormous opportunities, but are at the same time the greatest challenges for an industry undergoing an epoch-making transformation process. Network expansion must be considerably accelerated but this not only places the highest demands on the quality and efficiency of the engineering and the corresponding systems. For management, it also requires an overview of the status of the individual engineering processes at all times.

If you do not have to deal with engineering on a daily basis, for example you want to extract or import special lists for specific purposes, if you want to see how far a project status has progressed, you only need a part of the functional spectrum of a complete engineering system. In order to be able to review the relevant data at a glance, however, time-consuming data transmissions are usually necessary, and it is not certain whether they really reflect the current status. In addition, you must be familiar with the engineering system in order to find the right data in the first place. And you would need a licence for access to the system, which takes up the resources of the actual project planners.

Solution: EB PTD Project

Tennet substation© TenneT TSO GmbH

Engineering Base (EB) PTD Plant solves the engineering challenges itself in an exceptionally comprehensive, cross-disciplinary and consistent manner. With a special data management solution for the operator environment of power distribution plants, AUCOTEC now also offers a resource-optimizing version that provides an overview of self-definable project areas and allows insight into all associated data and diagrams. Users can also use it to import or export lists (e.g. signal lists) for EB PTD Plant or EB PTD Detail as required, without blocking licences for the actual engineering. EB PTD Project is particularly useful for project managers in the three areas of primary, secondary and protection and control technology, for project engineers and anyone who needs up-to-date status information on engineering projects at all times in a management function.

Single Source for Single Line

In addition to data management, EB PTD Project also covers a central graphical function tailored to the needs of project managers in both primary and secondary technology. In the initial phase of plant planning, the single-line diagram is an important instrument for both sides. One specifies the devices to be planned for the individual fields, the other the further detailed planning. The primary technology often uses a separate tool with information that must then be transferred into the single-line diagram of the secondary technology. With EB PTD Project this duplicated work is no longer necessary. Managers for both disciplines use the same single-line graphic as a source of information and, if necessary, for further processing the data relevant to them. Here EB's convenient Visio integration benefits everyone.

Tracking changes

An important component of this solution is Advanced Data Tracking, which ensures an overview of both interdisciplinary changes and collaboration with external parties. It automatically shows when, where and by whom what was changed on individually configurable lists with exact attributes. If recipient-related tracking points are set, a list is created that is only assigned to a specific supplier. It then contains all data relevant to the supplier for a particular customer project, with version number and issue date. A supplier can receive any number of lists, each of which is tracked individually.

For example, if the number of motors required for a plant project changes, the motor manufacturer simply receives a new list with the new version number and the changes highlighted. The supplier can process its list bit by bit, sends the new data to the customer, who then marks a new point as a basis for further revisions.

Easy to navigate information extraction

The Smart Excel function contained in EB also offers very effective support. There is no need to send thousands of sheets from the many sheets in EB for a particular subproject. Instead, an XLS extract can be drawn from the relevant worksheets bundling the desired information.

EB's Smart PDF is also available to all PTD Project users. The "intelligent" PDF contains a tree structure – not only for the documents, but also for the devices. This makes it possible to navigate between different device displays, also between equipment, functions and/or cross-references, including signals.


Project managers from the three energy distribution disciplines of primary, secondary, protection and control technology benefit equally from the "Single Source of Truth" EB. Other managers with project responsibility can also easily track changes, view status, control and inform suppliers, import or export lists. This also benefits the secondary technicians who work outside in the field at the cabinet. If required, they can move data without having to be experts in the engineering system and without blocking a corresponding licence from the planner's resources.