Engineering Base Detail-Engineering

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Engineering Base Detail Engineering

Detail engineering in instrumentation, electrical design and automation

Engineering Base Plant-Engineering is the versatile solution for the entire life cycle of a technical plant. It covers all planning areas, such as basic, process and detail engineering.

In this training course you will learn everything about detailed electrical engineering planning with Engineering Base, starting from the finished P&ID. Practical examples and exercises will enhance your skills.

Target group

You are a designer or engineering draughtsman and want to use Engineering Base starting from P&ID as a state-of-the-art project planning tool in electrical design.

From the content

  • Databases, projects and structures
  • Objects and their graphical representation with MS Visio
  • Establishing the plant infrastructure (cabinets, locations, cables, devices)
  • Linking local and functional planning
  • Working with device and specification catalogues
  • Creating single lines and loop typicals
  • Using different wizards
  • Managing PLC function blocks
  • Data exchange with control systems (DCS portal)
  • Preparing accompanying documents, such as terminal block diagram and BOM
  • Editing cabinet layouts
  • Creating graphical symbols
  • Data exchange and data backup

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