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Gas experts step up their game in engineering

How Engineering Base unites teams and accelerates processes

Carbotech Gas Systems GmbH, a spin-off from Bergbau-Forschung GmbH [mining research] with over 60 years of experience, is a specialist in systems for industrial gas purification. To do this, it uses self-developed pressure swing adsorption (PSA), one of the most energy-efficient processes on the market. The focus is on the processing of biogas, but the portfolio also includes the processing of landfill waste gases and the generation of high-purity gases of H2, N2, O2 and CO2. Another area is CO2-liquefaction. The approximately 45 employees have already successfully completed over 500 projects worldwide and are thus contributing to a CO2-neutral energy supply.

One system for everyone

© Carbotech Gas Systems GmbH

The engineering, sales, construction, EMSR, purchasing, service and project management departments work very closely together. In order to make the exchange as efficient as possible and to automate work processes, Carbotech was looking for a suitable engineering system. “Engineering Base from AUCOTEC offered itself as a solution. In the past, process engineering flow diagrams were drawn in the construction area and subsequently checked by the process engineers. In the cross-disciplinary Engineering Base, the engineering department is now responsible for creating the entire flow diagram. This means that human resources can be used much more efficiently,” explains Timo Zimmermann, engineering team leader.

More efficiency

When creating process engineering flow diagrams, lists are automatically created in Engineering Base with all the data on the components used. This information serves both as a basis for further work processes and as an interface between departments. This reduces sources of error and speeds up the entire workflow. In addition, work assignments can be better coordinated and responsibilities can be defined more clearly.

“By labeling the components with unique numbers and linking them directly to their technical specifications, Engineering Base receives all the necessary information about each component. This significantly reduces the administrative effort and makes the project-related technical design about 40% more efficient on average,” says Zimmermann. Everything together speeds up the project process significantly and enables the team to concentrate more on other important tasks, such as coordination with suppliers and customers.

More standardization

And sales manager Dr. Brian Stöver adds: “As a medium-sized company, standardization is essential for all areas of the company. Engineering Base’s data-centered approach forms the decisive basis for this.”