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Improving design efficiency in line with international standards

XD Electric uses EB digital design to bring quality leap

Xian XD Switchgear Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "XD Electric"), a core subsidiary of China XD Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "XD group"), is a large-scale enterprise in China's power transmission and distribution industry under the supervision of SASAC. The company's main products are gas insulated metal enclosed switchgear (GIS) and SF6 circuit breaker (GCB). The voltage grade covers 72.5-1100kV. From the first 330kV EHV transmission line, the first 500kV EHV transmission line, and 750kV EHV transmission line in China, 1000kV UHV AC test demonstration projects, to the "Three Gorges project" and “West-to-East Power Transmission Project" and other national key projects, XD Electric products are found, making great contributions to the national power construction. Besides being widely used all parts of China mainland, the products are exported to 40 countries and regions, including Singapore, Hongkong, Malaysia, India, Russia, Pakistan and Turkey.

Historical decision

In the past, XD Electric had always adopted CAD to draw the secondary schematic diagram for the secondary design. All symbols and forms were needed to be drawn by hand, with low efficiency and high error rate. Moreover, the design standard and drawing style were far from those of the international mainstream manufacturers, so it was difficult to be recognized by foreign owners for project drawings. After learning about the international mainstream secondary design software in the foreign cooperative projects, XD Electric began detailed selection of models for bidding. Through comparison of database structure for its advancement, simplicity to learn and use, integration with PLM system and successful cases of industry, the Engineering Base (EB) of AUCOTEC company was chosen as the secondary design software, and then the company began to deploy.

Implement throughout the whole processes

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According to the EB software electrical design standards, XD Electric has developed a set of drawing specifications in line with international standards. The style of all design drawings is completely consistent, and the details of the drawings are in line with international standards. It solves the problem of uneven quality of the previous secondary drawings. Based on the modular design of typical EB projects, the interval is configured to quickly generate the required secondary schematic diagram, and automatically generate component wiring diagram, terminal diagram, production and processing diagram and various lists and reports. The seamless integration of EB and PLM system enables the design BOM and drawings to be uploaded to PLM system for automatic signature. Throughout the design process, the design efficiency and quality are greatly improved.

XD Electric has put EB into use for more than ten years, and its operation is very stable. So far, thousands of projects have been completed based on EB, covering 126, 252, 550, 800, 1100 GIS levels. EB's drawings are well received by customers at home and abroad, especially several large domestic design institutes, such as East China Electric Power Design Institute.

Conform to international standards

Through the introduction of EB, XD Electric has formulated drawing specifications in line with international standards. Based on the modular design, the drawing style is completely consistent, and the design standardization is greatly improved. According to the secondary design characteristics of GIS industry, the customized development can improve the efficiency of multiple design links, reduce the error rate, save the design and production costs, and enhance the market competitiveness. EB is based on IEC 81346 data model and object-oriented design method, which ensures the consistency of design data and facilitates the maintenance and management of design data. Mr. Li, who is in charge of secondary design, said: "EB software has improved the design efficiency several times in collaborative design, rapid change, drawing retrieval, automatic drawing, etc., and is in line with international standards."

Create collaboration

XD Electric has promoted the use of EB digital design platform in its internal and subordinate companies, such as Guangkai and Egypt company. In the aspect of project collaboration, it realizes standard, design data, component library and graphic symbol library, and customized development function sharing. EB's natural collaboration based on the same database makes the design efficiency reach an unprecedented peak, laying a solid foundation for XD Electric to become the "international leader in the field of high voltage switchgear".