Sieyuan Electric


An emerging talent

Digital design with EB helps Sieyuan Electric to make great progress

Sieyuan Electric Co., Ltd., established in December 1993, is a well-known listed company specializing in power technology research and development, equipment manufacturing and engineering services. The company's leading products and core technologies are at the advanced level in the world. It provides 500kV DC circuit breaker independently developed for the world's first 500kV DC flexible power grid project- Zhangbei station. It provides high-quality products and reliable technical support for the world's first 500kV DC flexible power grid project, Qinshan nuclear power plant, Yunnan Guangdong 800kV HVDC transmission project, Jindongnan Nanyang Jingmen 1000kV high voltage expansion project, PetroChina Xinjiang Dushanzi 10 million ton oil refining project, Nanning railway station, Shanghai Maglev, Beijing Olympic Games, Brazil World Cup, West Africa four countries networking project and other major projects at home and abroad. In the tide of global energy reform and power internet construction, Sieyuan Electric has accelerated the pace of globalization, and successively obtained the supplier qualification recognition of European power system, national grid of the United Kingdom, national grid of the Netherlands, national grid of Russia, national grid of Italy, national grid of Mexico, national grid of India and other customers.

Timely assistance

Because of the slow drawing and many errors of traditional design tools, in the face of the business demand of expanding production capacity and increasing day by day, Sieyuan was eager to find a secondary design software which can improve the design efficiency and reduce the design error. Through the industry experience and scheme provided by AUCOTEC experts, Siyuan GIS took the lead in selecting Engineering Base (EB) software which is driven by data and designed for object. Then, such as Rugao high voltage, Sieyuan Hongrui, Sieyuan power transmission and distribution companies have also promoted the use of EB.

Capacity doubled

Based on EB software, Sieyuan GIS company has developed a set of drawing specifications in line with international standards. At the same time, according to its own design process, Sieyuan GIS company has compiled Engineering Base Operation Manual to further standardize the operation of designers and facilitate the rapid learning of new employees. The senior engineer of the company standardizes the intervals based on experience, voltage grade, interval type, etc. According to the secondary design information table, the designer selects the corresponding interval template, quickly combines into a complete project, and automatically generates the wiring diagram, terminal diagram, and various list reports. Using EB typical modular design, hundreds of drawings of a conventional station, only needs 3 hours to be completed, thus design efficiency and quality is greatly improved. In 2015, the turnover of Siyuan was 600 million yuan, and by 2020, the production capacity was doubled, and the turnover reached 2 billion yuan, which took only five years. The flow of designers is large, but the number of designers has not increased. General manager Yu of GIS company said that "an iron barracks and a flowing army can't completely rely on manual force. Solidification process is the key."

Whole world in view

Sieyuan Power Transmission And Distribution Company is committed to providing customers with EPC integrated solutions for substations and lines. In 2016, the general manager Yu of Sieyuan Power Transmission And Distribution Company, based on his previous successful experience in using EB in Areva in France, did not hesitate to promote the use of EB in EPC company. EPC company uses EB to integrate all equipment drawings, connect all data interfaces in series, automatically generate cable list and construction drawings, and form a complete substation drawing, which conforms to international standards and specifications. EB software is based on relational database architecture and has a unique data source, which ensures the consistency of design data and lays a solid foundation for the accuracy of engineering construction data. Recently, the EPC project team overcame the impact of the epidemic and completed the successful power transmission of three substations in four West African countries within one month, which was highly appraised by the owner.

Outstanding achievements

Sieyuan Group has become one of long-term strategic partners of AUCOTEC 's power transmission and distribution industry. Group leaders attach great importance to the cooperation between the two sides. Beijing Siyuan Qingneng Electric Electronic Co., Ltd. and Schneider (Beijing) Medium Voltage Co., Ltd. will also promote EB. It is expected that through standardization and modularization, engineering design can be standardized, design efficiency and quality can be improved to reduce costs and serve customers with excellent products and services.