Windhager centralizes its engineering processes with AUCOTEC software

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Leading boiler manufacturer centralizes its engineering processes with AUCOTEC software

Engineering Base heats up

The boiler manufacturer Windhager Zentralheizung GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of renewable energy heating systems in Europe. The Austrians offer the complete system for every kind of fuel and solar energy, relying on innovative as well as futureproof solutions. This is based on almost 100 years of experience, state-of-the-art engineering expertise and highly professional tools. The latter now also include the database-driven platform Engineering Base (EB).

Window for quick familiarization

Success and growth led Windhager to a more international presence. This has increased the requirements in relation to the ECAD system. After researching thoroughly in a completely open manner, the choice was once again made in favour of AUCOTEC – after already working successfully with an AUCOTEC tool for 12
years. EB is now the platform with which the heating engineering company is proceeding towards the future. EB‘s Windows compliant user interface was also a decisive advantage in addition to flexible  language conversion by clicking. „This alone reduces training and familiarization periods to a minimum,“ said Christian Thier, Head of Design Consulting at Windhager. „Sometimes our technicians do not work on the system for several weeks. It is thus important to quickly become familiar with it again.“

Intelligent highlight

The preconfigured, intelligent symbols greatly facilitate work according to Thier. „They are a real highlight,“ he enthused. „They identify whether a cold or hot water connection is involved. In addition, the intelligent link from the symbol infers the required potential. Thus changes are immediately visible in the complete diagram, and sources of error are eliminated.“

Merging everything related here

Windhager hydraulics© Windhager Zentralheizung GmbH

EB acts as a link for seamless collaboration between almost all departments, from product development to customer service technicians. Cross-disciplinary access to design significantly reduces idling, discussions and errors. In addition to the EB documents, the central data model can also accept Word files, customized PDFs and much more. Thus all information about aproject is clearly available in one folder.

Vision of tender engineering

Another advantage: „If a designer was sick or on holidays, the whole project previously came to a standstill. Thanks to EB‘s server solution, the data can now be accessed by all users at all times,“ said  Christian Thier. His conclusion: „As a result of the quality of our collaboration, the quality of the data has
improved considerably. I can imagine integrating EB also into the order management and using the hydraulic diagrams as a basic structure for the offer. EB offers the best prerequisites for this purpose.