IET Energy GmbH - Engineering Base makes intelligent power engineering even more intelligent

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Engineering Base makes intelligent power engineering even more intelligent

The Austrian manufacturer of unit-type power stations, IET Energy GmbH, uncompromisingly relies on intelligence also for the electrical projecting of its plants. Thus the company relies on the database-driven software system Engineering Base (EB) to design its power- and heat-generating plants even more efficiently. Similarly efficient are the IET products that preferentially use energy sources existing at the customer‘s site, such as in biogas or sewage treatment plants and on landfill sites. But they are also used in hotels or for swimming pools. From design to maintenance, IET emphasizes both the highest possible efficiency and ensured availability of its plants. Thus also the demands on the planning software.


The designer Johann Maurer is quite familiar with ECAE tools of all kinds. When hiring Mr. Maurer, ​managing director Carsten Köllner imported this know-how to IET. Previously IET had the design done externally, which meant a lot of adjustment expenditure. Moreover the diagrams were purely drawing-oriented and did not have the comprehensive logic behind the elements now offered by EB. Johann Maurer likewise viewed this as the main advantage: „The cross references between the data and the drawings result in a tremendous time economy; redundancies, that is duplicate entries, are superfluous. In particular you are completely free in your work schedule, and the data is nonetheless absolutely reliable“, explains the experienced designer. This unique flexibility was the point that convinced him most.

IET Energy GmbH - circuit diagram in Engineering Base by AUCOTEC© IET Energy GmbH

In the beginning there was simplicity

However, the first thing Maurer noted was how self-explanatory the system is: „The start was amazingly fast, even for less experienced staff members“, he says, „you do not have to be a specialist and can yet on your own quickly and easily create for example symbols or configure adaptations to company-specific processes.“ AUCOTEC‘s fast and uncomplicated hotline help was also met with enthusiasm. „Moreover I view the realistic representation option e.g. for terminals as a major asset, this makes things distinctly easier for the manufacturer“, supplements Maurer.

Openness secures future

Managing director Köllner especially values the modernity and openness of EB. „We are sure that will not have to look for something new in a few years“, thus his conclusion. Future-proof design is not just a slogan. It concerns every business, especially those that like IET plan further growth.