EB Provides “Singe source of Truth” for Smart Turbine

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A Great Power

EB Provides “Singe source of Truth” for Smart Turbine

Shanghai Turbine Works is the first steam turbine manufacturer in China, established in 1953. It mainly designs and manufactures thermal power steam turbines, nuclear power steam turbines and heavy-duty gas turbines. It also produces marine steam turbines, fans and other power machinery. In 2006, the output of steam turbine reached 36 million KW, ranking the first in the world. On the basis of learning and absorbing international advanced technology and management methods, the company has learned from others' strong points, conducted integration and refining and imported 300,000 KW steam turbine which has reached the international advanced level; there is outstanding performance of 600,000 kW steam turbine. The first ultra supercritical 1 million KW steam turbine has been successfully put into operation in China, reaching the international advanced level.

Global Challenge

Before using EB software, Shanghai Turbine Works still used other design tools to conduct design. Designers usually drew a large number of drawing documents and kept them in personal working computer in the form of electronic edition. Because of the large number of electronic version files, the storage, search and modification could not be unified quickly. In addition, with the increase of overseas EPC projects, the overseas owner has higher requirements for specification and data, and the existing design drawings are difficult to meet the international requirements. The owners increasingly hope that the design of steam turbine can comply with international standards such as ISO and ISA.

Whether the detailed engineering design and construction plan could be put forward according to international standards largely depends on the core competitiveness of SAIC, which urged Shanghai Turbine Works to find professional process and I&C design platform, so as to speed up the design process and improve the degree of design standardization. Finally, the Engineering Base (EB) based on database and object-oriented was chosen by Shanghai Turbine Works as the design platform of process I&C.

Modular Engineering

At present, Shanghai Turbine Works has officially used EB for process and I&C design, especially for many foreign projects. Compared with before, various list reports can be automatically generated according to the template, which greatly improves the efficiency. The project drawing language can be customized and displayed in multiple languages, meeting the needs of foreign customers. With the modular function, the circuit diagram can be generated in batches, saving a lot of design time. The centralized management of legend library and module library containing various standards greatly improves the degree of standardized design.

Smart Turbine

Shanghai Turbine Works is building a smart steam turbine system, which includes the functions of predictable maintenance, health, efficiency and optimized operation mode. EB is an object-oriented process I&C design platform based on database. The central database of EB stores various model data of steam turbine, which can be directly used as the trusted data source of intelligent steam turbine system and provide data model support for the creation of intelligent steam turbine system.