INEOS Cologne explore de nouvelles voies d‘ingénierie en technique de mesure, de régulation et de contrôle


INEOS Cologne embarks on a new engineering path in ICE

Complete migration with Aucotec secures millions of data values

INEOS is one of the largest chemical companies in the world. 17,000 people worldwide generate an annual turnover of 54 billion US dollars. With its 2,000 employees, INEOS Cologne is the largest chemical company and the third largest industrial employer in Cologne. As a petrochemical site, INEOS Cologne is a major supplier of raw materials for the chemical industry. The company is migrating to a new planning and documentation system in ICE (Instrumentation and Control Engineering) and electrical engineering. The software platform Engineering Base (EB) from AUCOTEC is being introduced across the whole site.

The chemical company in Cologne expects a significant increase in efficiency as a result of the switch to Engineering Base. The system is able to integrate the various in-house software solutions for the ICE sector and thus create a better overview of states of planning and plant documentation. This accelerates navigation and the retrieval of data. The continuously increasing inspection requirements for the ICE sector were also a reason for the migration.

Preserving values

INEOS Cologne estimated the value of the dataset, which is now being transferred to the new engineering system, at around 5 million euros. For this reason, one of the key aspects was the continuing availability of the existing documentation.

„AUCOTEC was the only provider to credibly convey during the competitive phase that it could ensure a complete migration to Engineering Base“, explains Thorsten Wirths, Head of Technical Standardization at INEOS Cologne. He attributes this in part to the good data basis from the previous tool, which was also developed by AUCOTEC. „We have been working successfully with AUCOTEC for the last 15 years, thus it stood to reason that we would take a closer look at Engineering Base“, says the engineering expert.

Rapidly productive

Up to 30 users work with the system every day. „The smooth functioning of the transition was especially important to ensure that our colleagues could work productively with Engineering Base as quickly as possible“, says Wirths. Here, the platform stands out with its easy, intuitive handling, which is essential in particular for the process industry with its enormous amounts of data.