Chinese SANY group standardizes its planning processes

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Engineering Base changes the SANY world:

Chinese SANY group standardizes its planning processes

The SANY Group Co., Ltd., founded in China in 1989 as private enterprise, is the world’s largest manufacturer of concrete machinery and also the construction machinery manufacturer ranked first in China. About 70,000 employees at 21 Chinese locations and 140 representations worldwide work for the development and distribution of the sought-after pumps, mining and road construction machinery, cranes, port machinery and wind power equipment. Their motto „Quality changes the world“ is uncompromisingly realized by the consortium in all areas – including the engineering.

Thus for unifying its electrotechnical planning, including the hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, SANY opted in favor of the database-driven software package Engineering Base from AUCOTEC – both within the company and covering any number of products. EB permits to integrate even associated engineering sections and achieves a considerable reduction of the hitherto problematic error rate.

Large plus in quality, minus in costs

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EB and its exceptionally easy learnability have e.g. achieved a zero-error rate for the real-time reports. Thanks to the Excel-compliant worksheets huge data volumes can now be processed much more quickly. Moreover the genuine database structure ensures consistency at all times as well as parallel, consistent working of different disciplines and locations on the same project.

For example, the 3-D routing of the wires in combination with Pro/E is integrated. The successful integration of EB and PDM system WindChill enables the synchronization of SAP / PDM database with EB and thus the simple uploading of parts lists and drawings to the PDM. Altogether the introduction of EB since the end of 2009 has significantly increased the engineering efficiency and thus the planning capacity, on the other hand the costs for the quality management have been considerably reduced.

Comprehensive on-site services

SANY got help for the introduction from the Chinese AUCOTEC subsidiary with its highly professional development team. It systematically accompanied the SANY engineers for one year with training courses, application support and services such as process optimization or integration. Thanks to the comprehensive services from AUCOTEC Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., the main users of each department now dispose of coordinated planning standards and a large number of templates within a common knowledge basis.