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Holcim selects standard tool for process automation

Building materials giant and Aucotec sign a skeleton contract

Holcim, one of the largest building materials manufacturers worldwide, will in the future use the Engineering Base software package (EB) for process engineering and process automation. After introduction and customizing of the software package within the Holcim Group Support Ltd. (HGRS), the tool can be globally used in the manufacturing plants. The decision in favor of EB, the database-driven platform from Hanover-based AUCOTEC AG, has recently been sealed with a globally valid skeleton contract between the two companies.

AUCOTEC‘s contracting party is the Swiss HGRS company, which with its about 600 employees takes care of all standards for all Holcim plants and their subsidiaries worldwide. In a first step, 50 workstations are established there, since this company division autonomously supervises new construction jobs and building alterations exceeding 20 million CHF. From July 2011 on EB is to be used productively.

Fast introduction

HGRS considers it a major advantage to be able to fall back on a ready-made solution. Holcim Deutschland AG has already been working with it for several years, therefore the introduction will make rapid progress.

The decisive criterion for selecting the system was its ability to make the so-called flowsheets (P&IDs) for the basic engineering job the center of its entire process engineering design and scheduling. All of the data worked out there can be seamlessly used in the implementation planning and process automation, and that without duplicate data input and maintenance. This makes generating data sheets for tenders, design studies and finally the handling of the actual project much more efficient.