EB Digital Platform for CNBM’s Process, Automation and Electrical Engineering

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Engineering Base Digital Platform for CNBM’s Process, Automation and Electrical Engineering

EPC Giant

Sinoma Construction Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as CBMI) is a general engineering contractor with nearly 60 years of production history, foreign operation right, import and export right and first-class qualification of national general engineering contractor. The business scope covers building materials engineering, power generation engineering, water engineering, environmental protection engineering, power transmission and transformation engineering, energy saving transformation engineering and other fields. The building materials engineering includes cement engineering, glass fiber furnace drawing engineering and building materials mining engineering; power generation projects include coal-fired power generation project, heavy oil power generation project, gas turbine combined cycle power generation project, biomass energy power generation project and industrial furnace waste heat power generation project; water works include desalination works, municipal water supply works, industrial and urban sewage treatment works; environmental protection projects include urban life and industrial waste solid disposal project, fly ash resource utilization project and so on.

Nanjing KISEN International Engineering Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Kisen, hereinafter referred to as Kisen) is also affiliated to China Building Materials Group Co., Ltd. (CNBM) It is an international engineering company under the standard management of listed companies in Hong Kong. It is specialized in general engineering contracting, engineering design, informatization and intelligent technical transformation, mechanical equipment manufacturing, mechanical and electrical equipment installation, construction of cement and related industries Cement kiln collaborative disposal of garbage and sludge business.

Multiple Challenges

Before using EB software, CBMI and Kisen applied other design tools to design flow chart, electrical single line diagram and secondary schematic diagram in process, automation and electrical specialties. Process designers usually need to spend a lot of time in the flow chart drawing, especially in the equipment numbering, equipment list statistics, electrical automation funding for repeated workers proofreading, back and forth communications. With the increase of overseas EPC projects, overseas owners such as Lafarge Holcim have very high requirements for drawing specification and digitization, such as numbering the workshop and equipment according to the owner's numbering rules, designing according to the owner's drawing specification, making statistics of various reports according to the format required by the owner, and then conducting manual statistics of equipment data table according to the template required by the owner. The existing design tools and drawings are difficult to meet the requirements of overseas owners, and owners increasingly hope that CBMI and Kisen will bid according to the seed documents provided by the owners and conduct digital design of flow chart and electrical drawing; the report with zero error rate automatically is generated according to the specified format.

Whether the design can be carried out according to the requirements of international owners is related to the survival of CBMI and Kisen in overseas EPC projects. Therefore, CBMI and Kisen are urged to find professional process and automatically powered digital intelligent design platform, so as to speed up the design process, improve the degree of design standardization, and improve the bid winning rate of overseas projects. Finally, the database based and object-oriented design software engineering base (EB) is selected as the digital design platform of process automation.

Collaborative Platform

Through the implementation of EB process automatization electricity integration collaborative design platform and the application of EB rich cement industry templates, CBMI and Kisen implement the modular design of process flow chart, realize the automatic numbering of equipment, and automatically generate process equipment list, automation electricity equipment list, pipeline list, instrument measuring point list, I / O list and equipment data list by applying the specified template, which greatly improves the design standardization, design efficiency and design quality. Through the secondary development and integration, the data exchange and verification with 3D are realized, and the docking with the material management and procurement system is realized. The next step is to realize the docking with the intelligent manufacturing system in Kisen.

At present, CBMI has applied EB to complete the design of Ecuador Gu3, Senegal SC3 and many other overseas projects, and Kisen has also applied EB to design Poland mal01 and other projects.