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Object oriented configuration design liberates engineers from drawing work

BAOWU uses EB digital configuration design to greatly improve design efficiency

Baowu is the largest iron and steel producer in China. In 2020, its steel output has exceeded 100 million tons. China Baowu has officially entered the era of "100 million tons of Baowu". It has become the first iron and steel group in China to achieve an annual output of 100 million tons, and is among the world's top steel enterprises for crude steel output. Baowu has overall advantages and professional advantages in planning, scientific research, plant design, equipment design, equipment manufacturing, complete equipment, technical assembly, engineering general contracting and technical consultation. It has the key technologies of large and medium blast furnace, converter, refining outside furnace, electric furnace, continuous casting, hot rolling, cold rolling, seamless steel pipe and other plant design. It collects the most advanced metallurgical equipment technology and manufacturing technology in the world. Baowu supports the technological transformation of iron and steel enterprises with the development and research ability of metallurgical core equipment, and forms a strategic industry that matches and interacts with the owners of Baowu iron and steel.

As early as December 2004, Shanghai Baoling Electrical Control Equipment Co., Ltd., which is affiliated to Baosteel Group, took the lead in introducing Engineering Base (EB) of AUCOTEC as the electrical design platform in the group after multilateral investigations and argumentation. In early 2006, Baosteel Engineering & Technology Group Co Ltd. also began to use EB. In August, 2007, the subordinate enterprises of Baowu, such as Shanghai Baosight Software Co., Ltd., started to implement EB comprehensively. At present, the number of EB licenses in Baowu has reached 50, and more than 1000 projects have been completed, and hundreds of thousands of drawings and forms were output.

Market Competition

Facing the market competition at home and abroad, Baowu believes that it is necessary to improve the design ability to improve the competitiveness of the company. The original design department has the following problems: due to low efficiency of design software, all forms are mainly prepared manually, which is easy to make mistakes; there is no real sense of collaboration within and between departments; to cooperate with foreign enterprises (such as Siemens), we need to seek professional design platform and drawings need to be internationalized and standardized for easy to exchange. Engineers have been looking for intelligent electrical solutions that can be used in daily engineering design in line with industry characteristics and can greatly reduce the error rate, so as to optimize the design process and provide work efficiency.

Collaborative Design

EB is the choice of Baowu after a long period of comprehensive comparison and research. EB not only can create all kinds of drawings and documents for electrical design conveniently, but also has many functions to optimize engineering management so that it stands out among the industry software. In particular, EB has a real database architecture, its SQL Server central database contains all the design data, such as drawings, devices, signals, forms, technical documents and so on, to ensure the continuous unity and real-time of these data in the whole design process. At the same time, it realizes collaborative design in the real sense, that is, multi-user designs and operates the same object in the same project. EB has the similar function of Excel worksheet, which provides the possibility of quickly editing and processing large quantities of data, and can greatly provide design efficiency. In addition, EB's professional and efficient localization technical support team can ensure the successful implementation of the project, which is also an important factor for Baowu's successful use of EB for many years.

Configuration design

EB is easy to learn and use, with superior electrical intelligence and completely open scalability, which makes the electrical designers of Baowu free from the complicated drawing work. The designers only need to carry out model selection and configuration in the Excel table, and after importing them into EB, single line diagram, schematic diagram, layout diagram and various error free report lists can be automatically generated, significantly improving the standardization degree and engineering design quality. EB greatly improves the design and production efficiency, and ensures the delivery of user contracts within the budget and time limit. At the same time, it improves the design enthusiasm of technical personnel, and truly makes the goal of "high-quality people do high-level work" achieved. By using the software architecture of EB, Baowu has established the network architecture of server and client working groups in each electrical department, adopting the collaborative work mode of resource sharing and unified management. Using EB, a world-class electrical design platform for designers is built, to make the electrical design department of Baowu more competitive in the market. "EB software is a real digital design platform. The object-oriented configuration design liberates engineers' repetitive drawing work by configuration development, and makes them focus on detailed selection design and typical drawings. The actual design efficiency is more than doubled," commented by Mr. Feng of Baosteel Engineering Co., Ltd.

Vision and Goal

Baowu group has become a long-term strategic partner of AUCOTEC in the metallurgical industry. Both sides expect to reduce the cost through maximum standardization, standardizing engineering design and improving design quality, so as to consolidate Baowu's leading position in the domestic metallurgical industry and become one of leaders in the metallurgical industry of the world.