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Generating datasheets automatically for all languages, units and standards

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From now on, communication with clients and suppliers will be greatly facilitated for plant designers and EPCs. The software provider Aucotec has developed datasheets for the latest version 2021 of its cooperation platform Engineering Base (EB), which automatically merge all information about an asset, including accessories and sub-systems. This creates a 360-degree panorama of every desired asset in no time.

Single source of truth makes it possible

"Asset 360" enables engineering professionals to have their customizable datasheet templates filled at any time for a device or entire sub-systems at the touch of a button. This only works because EB is based on a cross-disciplinary data model in which the plant is developed cooperatively. All developed objects are available and editable in this single source of truth, and each one exists once only. Asset 360 is "only" another representation of the objects – in addition to graphics, tables, lists, etc. The automatic extraction of all relevant data would be impossible if working with a chain of diverse discipline-specific tools; users would have to search for the information themselves and enter it in the usual Excel tables, which would involve a lot of tool know-how, time, effort and error potential.

Decisive means of communication

The sometimes highly complex datasheets are the decisive means of communication between plant designers, their clients and subcontractors. They document, for example, calculation results from different load conditions of a plant or parts thereof, serve as the basis for decision-making on the final design of an asset or as the basis for a tender and subsequent order and for obtaining releases.

Variety is easy

Although there are standards such as API for process engineering datasheets and ISA in the instrumentation sector, there is still an enormous variety of layouts. EPCs, in particular, must be able to handle all conceivable units, languages and design specifications. One customer expects the equipment table in the sheet’s centre, another needs a graphic there; one wants it in Russian, while the next customer needs US units of measurement. Sheets with various simulation scenarios or operating conditions of entire plant areas can contain over 100 sheets full of tables and graphics. The automatic processes of Asset 360 make it easy to handle this variety, as well as the customizing of templates to different requirements and standards. By clicking, the templates are based on EB's model and always know exactly what belongs where, regardless of how the layout is configured.

Asset 360 will be further expanded. Changes to objects listed there should be reflected directly in EB's data model in the next level. This will make Asset 360 a user interface and the ultimate "intermediary" between EPCs, suppliers and operators. The idea for the module was developed in cooperation with a major Danish plant developer. Its implementation was only possible with EB.

About AUCOTEC AG: Aucotec AG has more than 35 years’ experience in the development of engineering software designed for use throughout the life cycle of machinery, plant equipment and mobile systems. Solutions range from flow diagrams and process-control/electrical technology for large-scale plant systems to modular on-board power supply units designed for the automotive industry. Software supplied by Aucotec is currently in operation throughout the world. In addition to the headquarters in Hanover, the Aucotec Group includes six other locations in Germany as well as subsidiaries in China, India, South Korea, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Norway and the USA. What is more, a global partner network ensures local support all over the world.


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