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"Being close to people"

Why it is impossible to plan at the AUCOTEC Helpdesk, but developments can be initiated

Falk Scholtz, Customer ServiceAUCOTEC AG

Falk Scholtz, a trained chemical technician and IT systems salesman, is one of the AUCOTEC "voices" on the helpdesk. Several months as an intern in the development department convinced him that AUCOTEC is a great employer with interesting tasks – or was it not the other way round, it was the company that was impressed by him? Either way, he has been with AUCOTEC since 2011 and gives advice and practical assistance with all conceivable questions about AUCOTEC's software systems.

What is the AUCOTEC Helpdesk?

It's AUCOTEC's customer service. Whatever it's about, any users can contact our Helpdesk directly with their request. As part of maintenance contracts, we answer all questions free of charge and offer assistance with all AUCOTEC products. This includes matters such as installation, licensing, support in the use of basic features, but also specific individual questions.

What makes our Helpdesk special from the customer's point of view?

As a rule, all inquiries are handled by one and the same agent from start to finish. This means that customers always have a specific contact person. That's not always the case. In many companies, customers have to start all over again to describe their problem.

What are the particular challenges of working at the Helpdesk?

On the one hand, it is our internationality. We answer questions from customers, partner companies and subsidiaries all over the world. This alone means that cultural influences and language barriers have to be taken into account for all enquiries.

Another point is that we never know in advance what matters or questions will be asked of us. So our tasks can be only partially planned and we often cannot prepare ourselves specifically.

And last but not least: not all inquiries can be answered or solved immediately. As the first point of contact for our customers and as their advocates, we understand their concerns and priorities. That is why we nevertheless always try to find a solution for their concerns as quickly as possible.

What makes working at the Helpdesk interesting?

Well, there is the unpredictability already mentioned. The fact that every day can bring new, unknown challenges makes our work quite exciting.

But the exceptionally close customer contact is also interesting. The constant feedback from practice, means that we have the opportunity to initiate further developments in the content of our products. In this way we automatically continue to develop. There is always something new to learn.

What is particularly important to you when handling Helpdesk calls?

Obviously: to be able to offer solutions as quickly as possible. Almost as important to me is the personal relationship with our customers. It's great to be so close to the specific use cases of our software, but above all to the different people who use it.