RUPLAN is, because of its 25 years market experience, the most approved and comprehensive electrical engineering and control design solution from AUCOTEC for industry – sector – specific solutions. 

RUPLAN is characterized by an up-to-date user interface, maximum flexibility concerning norms, standards and integrations into different IT environments from the field level up to the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) level. Because of its very powerful API (Application Programming Interface), RUPLAN enables our prospects and clients to realize very specialized associated documents for their requirements in the Energy, Water, Automotive and Railway market place. 

RUPLAN became an international product because of the market globalization. It is available in different languages and for international standards. It is the first solution in the electrical engineering and control design market which supports the user in creating electrical documentation belonging to the new norms IEC 61346, IEC 61355, IEC 60617. 

Comprehensive libraries for fluid technology are also available. Diagrams for electrical and fluid technology can be easily combined and cross – referenced in one project. 

RUPLAN is one of the market leaders for electrical engineering systems and has worldwide references from very successful and powerful companies.

Current Issues based on RUPLAN

Default item/resource listings

This functionality enables the user to work in a very efficient way in the area of basic engineering. The import of pre – defined engineering specifications like subprojects, wiring macros and/or resources before a circuit diagram has been created is possible with this interface. Complete projects/documentations can be automatically created.

Interfaces to CLIP PROJECT (Phoenix) and smartDESIGNER (Wago) 

These interfaces are very efficient engineering solutions. With the smartDESIGNER interface for example the user has the possibility to make the configuration of terminal block bars and terminal rails very easily. The data exchange between RUPLAN and smartDESIGNER is bi-directional and the workflow can be started directly from RUPLAN.

Hardware Configuration Link 

Another very efficient engineering solution for users who need to communicate with hardware configuration toolsets (e.g. STEP 7/HW-Config from SIEMENS) and electrical control design.


Functional Design Specifications

Electrical engineering with RUPLAN is a comprehensive solution for in-depth documentations. All associated documents such as tables of content, terminal and interconnection diagrams, BOMs, resource schedules, wiring and input/output listings as well as purchase documents are automatically available. 

RUPLAN system architecture is object oriented and therefore the user always has an up-to-date overview of his engineering workflow. This also applies to the cabinet layout thereby allowing the engineer or designer to design the cabinet first before creating the rest of the documents. 

RUPLAN has its own project management and a comprehensive revision control management. The symbol libraries and device databases which are available comply with standards. It is a multiple user system, which allows more then one user to work in one project. It can be installed as a client server application supported by terminal server technology. 

RUPLAN convinces all its users because of the bulk data handling and the performance of the system.  



Solution RUPLANmaintenance 

RUPLANmaintenance offers information management for the complete machine and plant documentation. RUPLAN/maintenance can be used in a network and multiuser environment.

Solution AUCOTECview 

This free of charge viewing toolset for intelligent documentation based on pdf-format with shopping basket and navigation functionality.  

Integration Toolset EDM/PDM

This solution offers flexible integration of various EDM/PDM systems. It provides archiving, administration and project management functionalities. 

SAP/R3 Integration Toolset The Communication Framework (CF) has been developed by AUCOTEC to realize an online connectivity between RUPLAN and SAP/R3. The CF is release independent and it supports, by using basic scripts, the entire engineering workflow of our clients.

Solution Client/Server Application 

RUPLAN use without noticeable network load – optimum performance gain by use of the Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server


Successful industry – sector oriented engineering solutions based on RUPLAN

Industry–Sector Energy 

The creation of electrical documentation for the power industry (power generation, distribution and transmission) is the main goal of RUPLAN Power. The uniform and standardized creation of documents ensures that OEM’s (RWE, EON, etc.), General Contractors (SIEMENS, ABB, etc.) and Sub Suppliers (Engineering Companies) cooperate efficiently and are able to exchange data in an electronic format. The standardized method of the engineering process is described in documents of requirements. During the commissioning period the as-built documentation can be checked automatically by an integrated toolset for quality control. RUPLAN Power automatically creates associated documents such as terminal and interconnection diagrams according to standards of the power industry sector. RUPLAN Power has been developed according to the specifications of an open standardization workgroup of the power industry (IG EVU). It is in use by almost every major companies in the power market place and is stipulated as a standard.

Industry Sector – Water Resources Management 

Like RUPLAN Power, this industry – sector – specific add-on (RUPLAN Water) is a solution tailored to the needs of water supplying companies. It contains guidelines, data libraries and program functionalities for this market place.  

Industry Sector – Cable and Harness design 

RUPLAN/KABI is specifically developed for design, analysis and manufacture of electrical systems for the automotive and aerospace industry. With RUPLAN/KABI the entire cable and harness design process, from the wiring diagram (incl. the cable details) via the 2D harness layout up to the formboard layout is supported by an integrated engineering system. 

This comprehensive solution also contains topology layout possibilities, bi-directional interfaces to different 3D mechanical CAD systems (e.g. CATIA V4 and V5, PRO/E, Solid Works) as well as connectivity to cable cutting machines (e.g. Komax).

Industry Sector – Rail Vehicles 

RUPLAN/LOC has been designed for the electrical engineering process of the rail vehicle industry. This industry – sector specific software solution supports engineers for their special wiring and cabling requirements. Based on functional circuit designs RUPLAN/LOC automatically wires the cores and cables with special numbering systems (e.g. FSF - numbering). The associated documents are also supported automatically by the software.

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