Secure teamwork via cloud

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Secure teamwork via cloud

Online concept for AUCOTEC's classic products

Cloud applications have long been a matter of course for many in everyday life, but does this also apply to engineering? The Covid pandemic has made us painfully aware of the importance of remote work. At the same time, a great many people have found out in a very short space of time how helpful and useful, if not existential, the option of accessing data and documents from anywhere and being able to edit them at any time can be. No wonder, then, that the demand for cloud concepts has increased significantly.

Whether ELCAD/AUCOPLAN or RUPLAN, the "classics" in AUCOTEC's engineering software portfolio have long been cloud-capable and are therefore always ready to be used there. The focus is on the use of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). This means that the systems with their entire spectrum can be installed on cloud servers, so that, in addition to individual remote use, multi-user use is also possible. All users have full access to all system resources, no matter where they are in the world and whenever they want to work on their project.

Cloud? Of course!

The question of data security, which always arises in such scenarios, has been solved by AUCOTEC through its partner, mod IT Services GmbH. The company has been an expert in workplace management and IT security for over 25 years. This means that AUCOTEC customers are always on the safe side, because the company hosts the project data in accordance with German laws and standards, which are among the strictest in the world. In addition, today almost every workstation computer is connected to the Internet anyway. An in-house server solution is therefore no more secure than the cloud model, on the contrary: mod IT's professionalism means concentrated IT security knowledge and experience from over 100 experts. Hardly any machine or plant manufacturer has so much IT know-how and resources.

With the hosting model, the linear costs can also be calculated much more easily. Teams that are already working with ELCAD/AUCOPLAN or RUPLAN can simply "move" to the cloud, to avoid investing in their own server upgrade for example. The "Bring-your-own-licence" concept of mod IT takes over every license agreement and can be customised at any time.

Flexible with Flexnet

This also includes switching to a correspondingly online-capable licensing model. Since, without hardware, dongles are history. AUCOTEC therefore relies on the licence manager software Flexnet. Thus, mechanical and plant engineering projects can be planned and hosted without their own server hardware and the necessary installation and maintenance costs, but with the complete licence portfolio of ELCAD/AUCOPLAN or RUPLAN. And this can be scaled at will, i.e. dynamically as required, even for more or fewer authorised users.