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Installed locally or externally hosted?

AUCOTEC Consulting advises and integrates EB optimally into system landscape

The decision for Engineering Base (EB) has been made, the first user training courses are planned. But before it can really get started, the new system has to be integrated into the company's own infrastructure. This also requires interfaces to the systems that use or further process EB's engineering information to be set up. E.g. to the ERP, to 3D, predictive maintenance – or perhaps automation tools. The more complex the usage bandwidth of the platform and the deeper the desired integration, the more demanding the implementation and the more useful the support by AUCOTEC's experienced consultants.

Olaf Timm, Team LeaderAUCOTEC AG

Olaf Timm, Team Leader Customer Service and Helpdesk, has been with AUCOTEC for over 20 years. As a specialist in EB installations in large customer environments, he has already guided numerous implementations. "Theoretically, you can simply carry out the installation setup and get started with the engineering but usually we recommend at least one day of implementation support. We also have an 'Individual Solutions' team, which is very experienced where optimally fitting EB into the individual company circumstances is concerned. This is why it is also highly efficient. Here you shouldn't be saving in the wrong place," says Timm.

Secure Cloud Solutions: not cloud cuckoo land

In addition to on-site installations, he is also familiar with cloud solutions. More and more customers are asking for flexible engineering teams to be able to be put together and expanded by external employees at any time. And – at least as important – an external cloud installation saves hardware capacity and investment as well as implementation and ongoing administration. The linearised costs become easier to calculate and the specific work on the system can start much earlier.

Cloud solution: who does what?

The dynamic provision of IT infrastructures (computing capacity, data storage and software) over a network must of course be professionally embedded into the company and kept secure and reliable. Each customer must decide for itself what is more suitable: server capacities from its own computer centre, which requires appropriate maintenance, or an external hosting service.

Olaf Timm's cloud and IT experts from AUCOTEC Consulting are exactly the right people for this. They advise, install and integrate, as and when needed. It is also supported by hosting service partner mod IT Service GmbH, an experienced expert in workplace management and IT security. Thanks to this collaboration, a complete engineering base environment can be made available in the cloud via certified servers based in Germany. This means that the customer no longer has to worry about version updates, license management and the like.

EB can be used from single-user workstations to global cooperation solutions. Whether installed locally, as a client-server installation, as a complete service via mod IT or via Infrastructure as a service via another external hosting service. Teams already working with EB can "move" to the cloud, e.g. to avoid investing in server upgrades or to efficiently reach the next level of scaling. Timm and his consulting professionals support each of these steps.

Engineering apps: make the data more valuable

AUCOTEC's consultants also play a decisive role in the development and implementation of apps for EB users, in this case again the Individual Solutions team in particular. Apps are part of AUCOTEC's cloud concept. For the time being, they will not replace an entire engineer's job but they are an ideal supplement to EB project planning. As mobile specialists for limited tasks, apps reach completely new user groups who do not need or need to understand EB's full complexity. Apps increase the value of data that has already been created, as their areas of application multiply. The consultants advise at what point they can offer special added value and help with app integrations into the engineering concept and system.

"Whenever and wherever global connections of engineering base or EB components to external systems are involved, please do not hesitate to ask us. We have the right experts in-house for every task. We look forward to hearing from you," says Olaf Timm.