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A global presence:

AUCOTEC consultants at and for customers all over the world

Consultant Christian Schernus is responsible for customers in the field of Electrical and Process Plants from Denmark and India to Switzerland and Germany. "Customers appreciate the know-how of our specialist departments and our solution-oriented approach. It's always a highlight when we have presented customers with solutions customized for them, such as the development of a custom wizard to automatically generate engineering projects including data import from a process simulation for a Swiss company."

Project Manager Henning Velthaus' customers are spread halfway around the world – from Denmark to Italy and India. "An elaborate launch of Engineering Base at the customer's site with the animated launch of a rocket as a symbolic departure into a new engineering era – that's really something special. It's just nice to see that AUCOTEC is often more than just a service provider or supplier of software, i.e. it is perceived as a reliable partner."

Dennis Wasserfuhr, Application Consulting

Consultant Dennis Wasserfuhr is out and about looking for prospective customers from Austria to Indonesia. He has also used web sessions to provide help in North and South America, China and Southern Europe. "If my workshop encourages a prospective customer to rethink their processes and have users trained for a pilot project, or if the engineering manager of a large Indonesian process plant instantly realises that our EB platform brings additional benefits as an enterprise solution beyond its engineering bandwidth, then my trip has already paid its way!"

Project Manager Elango Perumal, consultant based in Malaysia, is, among other things, an engineering expert in mining and cement plants. For customers in this industry he not only travelled to India, Colombia and China but also supported them in Switzerland and Germany. "For customers, the proximity of our consulting to their locations is of course important. But even more, they appreciate our industry expertise and cooperative spirit, and the effective communication with us. This was recently confirmed by the Indian subsidiary of a Danish cement company, where I conducted training courses."

Hai Zhao, General Manager China

Hai Zhao, Managing Director of AUCOTEC's Chinese subsidiary based in Shanghai, has initiated and managed many successful projects in various industries. "The importance of consulting for such a high-quality capital asset as Engineering Base is demonstrated by the statement made by an important specialist in the nuclear sector in China. I was told that AUCOTEC's professional consulting team of local and international professionals was a key factor in the decision to use our software. This competence means that long-term strategic planning is possible."

Harald Lengsfeld leads the trainer team, which has held international training courses in German, English, French and Turkish from Sofia to Bogota, from Riga to Shanghai. "My highlight is a project for a large corporation that is successful in, among other things, power distribution. We coordinate all training courses, including those of our subsidiaries and partners in China, Central and South America, hold our own seminars in India, Turkey and Germany and refresh our partner knowledge via the web. This is enormously exciting and a lot of fun, especially if it runs as smoothly as it has up to now."

ELCAD "icon" Klaus Bublitz has been a trainer for almost 20 years. His focus is on Germany, but he trains where his expertise is needed. For example, in England, Scotland, Greece or the Netherlands. He particularly likes to remember a training week in Colombia, where he brought 18 participants up to speed for ELCAD at an established power supplier. "On the first day there was no electricity at first, and the audience was very 'mixed', but there was a great thirst for knowledge. In the end, I had achieved a great sense of anticipation and highly motivated, well-prepared key users in everyone."

Ingo Ludwigs, team leader of our Consulting colleagues for the Mobility area, himself works mainly in Germany for car and truck OEMs, but his team is deployed around the globe. From Scandinavia, the Netherlands and Turkey to the USA, they support shipbuilders and aircraft manufacturers as well as bus and truck makers. "The feedback of our customers praises not only the know-how and training talent of our colleagues but also the open and pleasant teamwork. I like to attribute that to the personalities of my team, but it fits in with the AUCOTEC spirit in general."

Project Manager Cayd Otten not only focuses on certain customer groups or countries – from Mobility to Process or from the USA to virtually China, he travels almost everywhere. "What customers appreciate about us is that we work with a lot of dedication and that we really do always find a solution to their challenges, across all industries. But especially projects in the aerospace sector are always something special for me. You don't really come into contact with test rockets launched into space for experiments every day."

Thomas Tiemann has been leading implementation projects for AUCOTEC customers all over the world since 2008, currently mainly in Scandinavia and Switzerland. He focuses on major customers in the aerospace, power, mining/minerals, maritime and oil & gas industries. "The most important factors for successful project management are trust, keeping to deadlines and being close to the users. They frequently confirm to us that – in addition to comprehensive know-how – our presence, agility and openness are the deciding factor for them. They also appreciate our principle of dealing with enquiries as quickly as possible. 'Deliver today' is generally also their guiding principle."