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RUPLAN innovations

The last major rebuild

It was the first CAD system ever: RUPLAN. It has been on the market since 1983, and the system has belonged to AUCOTEC since 1997. Continuous further development ensured that RUPLAN was popular with customers for decades and still is today. Now the system has received its last major rebuild. Nevertheless, it can remain in use. In the future, however, there will only be minor improvements and features in the long-term maintenance.

Flexible handling of wiring material

In the latest 2023 version of RUPLAN there are again some great innovations to discover. These include, for example, the wiring material system in RUPLAN EVU. Since the 2020 RUPLAN version, wiring material tables have been a thing of the past, thus avoiding the cumbersome and error-prone merging of different tables. However, this meant that every project had to be completely converted to the new system by the 2022 version.

This is now different. The integrative and robust solution in RUPLAN EVU 2023 is much easier to use and more flexible. Each user can now decide independently if and when they want to convert a project to the new system. Old and new data can now also continue to be used in mixed mode. In addition, all projects from older versions can easily be transferred to the latest RUPLAN version.

Making everyday life easier

Another new feature is the wiring diagram comparator for RUPLAN EVU. This allows users to compare two different versions of wiring diagrams. In the user-friendly and clear display, the changes are then juxtaposed so that it is possible to navigate directly from the tree to the affected location in the plan.


Wiring diagram comparator: result display in clear tree form

In everyday work, this makes things a lot easier. Time and again, something in the circuit diagram is changed, for example because a device has to be replaced. A new diagram is emerging. Thanks to the wiring diagram comparator, users can easily track the differences in the diagrams.

Other new features


Multipage PDF output in RUPLAN 2023: Input mask for general settings

The storage for multipage PDF files has also become configurable. Thus, the target path can now be selected in the input mask and the name of the PDF file can be configured in a flexible and modular manner.

In addition, there are further innovations that simplify everyday work: from the presetting of IEC libraries to improvements in changing polygons, new features and improvements to existing features have been introduced in the current version.