Fully tailored to the role

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Fully tailored to the role

Role-based licence packages save time and money

What constitutes Engineering Base (EB) today has grown over the years. Over time, more and more modules have been added to simplify, improve and accelerate engineering. Together they form a mature platform for cross-discipline, data-centred work. However, the extensions that have evolved over time have resulted in many companies juggling a number of additional licences, which mean corresponding maintenance work for the IT specialists. And future users must thoroughly analyse which modules make sense for them and which extras need to be purchased so that they can fulfil their tasks as efficiently as possible.

"For this, AUCOTEC has put together new licence packages tailored to the different roles of the users and that are coherent in themselves", says Dr. Pouria G. Bigvand, head of AUCOTEC's Product Management. This not only makes it much easier to put together modules for specific engineering tasks as required, but the new packages also cost significantly less than would the sum of their parts.

More for less

Even those who, for example, previously used EB Instrumentation Pro, which is already quite comprehensive and used in process technology, had to buy important modules such as Advanced Data Tracking, the Typical Manager or Workflow Assistant separately. Asset 360 The highly efficient data sheets for a complete overview of all digital assets of a plant, including accessories and substructures, cannot even be used at all with Instrumentation Pro. The same applies to EB Power and EB EVU licences in the energy sector.

The new EB PTD Plant licence package, on the other hand, which was put together especially for engineers of power distribution systems, includes the listed modules at no extra charge. It requires only about half the investment that would be necessary for EB EVU plus all essential additional modules – and significantly less maintenance work for the company's own IT. The EB Plant licence family also contains all discipline-relevant modules for the various teams involved in the development of larger process plants from initial design to commissioning. 

The future is already in your hands

"EB-Plant users not only don't have to pay a penny extra, they already have the future in their hands," Bigvand emphasises. This is because all future new developments relevant to a role or discipline are integrated into these packages, again without their users being asked to pay extra. With a maintenance contract, the usual update procedure is sufficient, and the entire scope of all relevant innovations is already available.

"But it is not just future-proofing," adds the Product Manager, "another advantage is that the users of the new licence packages work with comparable standards, so Best Practices, which are also included in the EB Content, are much more generally valid and thus much easier to use. This also means that more users can benefit directly," says Bigvand.

All data, one basis

In addition, the packages of the EB-Plant family are also useful for classic instrumentation engineers or pure process engineers, if all other disciplines are also developed in the same company. This is because they jointly develop the central, overarching data model that maps the entire digital twin of a plant, from the design simulation to the cause & effect check. "We know from experience that there is no such thing as a 'pure' instrumentation engineer," explains the head of department, "because they too are naturally in the context of the entire plant."

Come and see us!

As cross-discipline as EB works, so discipline-oriented is the composition of the licence packages. Sounds paradoxical, but it fits together perfectly. There is no need to purchase add-on efficiency drivers such as Workflow Assistant or Data Tracking; future-proofing and standardization bring additional advantages. "Whatever engineering role needs to be filled in your company, we will help you choose the best licence. And of course also when switching from older licence packages to the newer ones. Feel free to contact us, you can only win!" emphasizes Pouria Bigvand.