New team line-up at ELCAD/AUCOPLAN

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New team line-up at ELCAD/AUCOPLAN

Support team equipped for the future

One thing first: even though there are more and more women in the technical professions at AUCOTEC, in this case it is actually an all male team dealing with ELCAD/AUCOPLAN's further development and support. After a few "veterans" have moved into their well-deserved retirement, a new small team of fresh and experienced ELCAD / AUCOPLAN experts has formed. "One of the completely new colleagues was a user himself, so even our newcomers have experience," says helpdesk team leader Falk Scholtz, who has been advising customers for years.

The new permanent team includes three supporters who are available for technical inquiries, one of whom is also a true ELCAD/AUCOPLAN insider as a long-time trainer at the AUCOTEC Academy. "If necessary, we could increase the support team even more," reports Scholtz. In addition, there is a specialized development team that works for the "classics" in AUCOTEC's product range.

Quick solutions

When asked which issues are most often brought to the support team in connection with ELCAD/AUCOPLAN, the helpdesk frontman smiles confidently: "As a rule, it's just perceived problems that can be fixed quickly – for example, licensing questions or sometimes inquiries about AUCOTEC.ini, where all of the customer's individual settings are stored. It's just fun to be able to help and to find a solution for everyone“, he says with pleasure. However, the new "Quarterly Updates" – three security updates in a fixed, predictable rhythm as well as a main release at the end of the year – could take a bit of the fun out of it for him and his colleagues, because they will probably make sure that the phone at the help desk rings a little less often.

Looking to the future

"As far as the future viability of ELCAD/AUCOPLAN is concerned, 'we are getting there' in the truest sense of the word. The system is currently being made fit for the support of Windows 11 from the new version. In this way, we are already ensuring today that it will continue to run in the future,“ explains Team Leader Scholtz. The hosting service for ELCAD/AUCOPLAN in cooperation with mod IT Service GmbH also shows that AUCOTEC is looking to the future of the software. "A secure cloud solution is state-of-the-art today and will gain in importance in the future," says Falk Scholtz with conviction. You can read about the advantages of working via the cloud for users and their organizations and how the concept is implemented here.