ELCAD celebrates its 33rd birthday


ELCAD celebrates its 33rd birthday

ELCAD is one of the most tried-and-tested planning and documentation systems on the engineering software market. Its stability, reliability and ease of use are legendary. Now AUCOTEC is celebrating 33 years of ELCAD and 33 years of unlimited upward compatibility.

AUCOTEC says thank you to ELCAD users for 33 years of trust, inspiration, loyalty and extraordinary constructive cooperation!

ELCAD version 2018

ELCAD-Version 2018© AUCOTEC AG

ELCAD 2018 offers a whole range of new functions and improvements. Milestones include the fully automatic generation of follow-up documents, optimization of graphical editing as well as handling of processes and batches, in short: better overview and even more efficient editing! Maintenance customers receive the current releases automatically.

ELCAD-New Features

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7.13 = 2018: New year, new version!

With its new naming, AUCOTEC has adapted the identification of all its product versions to the year number. From now on, the main releases that come out in the autumn of each year will be named as the following year. Once again, ELCAD is a pioneer in this field. The ELCAD 2018 version, released under the old cycle in April, which would otherwise have been called 7.13, heralded the new designation "ELCAD 2018". ELCAD 2019 is already on the starting blocks - with over 60 detail improvements!

ELCAD expert Marko Heber in the video with important ELCAD news

"Always striving to be cutting edge"

Marko Heber (57) knows ELCAD/AUCOPLAN from the ground up. For 27 years, he has given outstanding service to AUCOTEC for these systems, from support and development to quality management and team leadership. Today he is also a specialist in the transfer of inventory data. But his team not only makes the AUCOTEC classics fit for possible migrations...

AUCOTEC Board on the future of the AUCOTEC classics

"... One thing is and remains AUCOTEC's maxim: our customers can rely on their investments being future-proof. For 33 years, our systems have always had unlimited upward compatibility. No other provider gives such a safeguard for your work: with data availability for decades!"

Board Statement on ELCAD