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Seamlessly integrate master data into the EVU project with a structured model

King content

The fact that content is "king" has long been a catchphrase among communications professionals. But content is also important for software users, because it means a valuable and powerful support tool for their daily work. Thanks to sample projects, diagram types, plan types, predefined, standard-compliant shapes and much more, they save a lot of time because they no longer have to reinvent the wheel unnecessarily. The content sets the tone – a king indeed.

EVU-compatible submodels

The new EVU content for Engineering Base (EB) 2023 is a slightly different category. This is about rules and examples for creating master data that go far beyond simple manufacturer data. The content enables engineering teams to build up device master data in such a structured way that it only has to be pulled out of the catalog during project planning and can then be seamlessly inserted into the project structure of the digital twin being developed faster than ever before. Concrete examples help in this respect.

If the device catalog is structured according to these rules and examples, it will contain entire device models with sub-devices, pins, etc., instead of just information on material number, rated current, and the like. The new content fully complies with EVU guidelines and will be further enhanced for upcoming EB versions.

Checklist for commissioning

AUCOTEC's service providers are ready to generate this device master data so that the resulting submodels can significantly accelerate EB projects. For this purpose AUCOTEC has developed an extra checklist. It shows EVU companies all the things they need to consider when commissioning data generation. There will be a link to the list in the next content update, but interested parties can get it now on request*. Because at AUCOTEC, not only content, but also the customer is king!