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Aucotec 임직원

Dr. Florian Jurecka, 글로벌 영업 및 마케팅 담당 부사장으로 취임

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AUCOTEC Headquarter Isernhagen

지속적인 성장세

1년간 다시금 기록을 경신한 Aucotec

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AUCOTEC Engineering

ACHEMA 2024의 Aucotec

협력 엔지니어링을 통한 효율적이고 지속 가능한 솔루션

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Safe across disciplines

Automatic test routines and quality certificates in engineering

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Company-wide availability of engineering data

New standard shortens ERP integration by 50%

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Constant dripping instead of a waterfall?

How Aucotec's agile engineering significantly accelerates processes

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New gateway to the third dimension

3-D portal in Engineering Base secures 24/7 data exchange

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10% increase for 35th birthday

Engineering software expert cautiously optimistic despite coronavirus crisis

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[Translate to Korean:] The board members Horst Beran and Uwe Vogt after cutting the opening ribbon. (© AUCOTEC AG)

New headquarters for Aucotec

The growth course of Aucotec AG, provider of the Engineering Base planning and development platform, has taken the company from Hanover to a new...

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carboxylic acid plant

Digital twin for cross-disciplinary integration

Oxea puts its trust in Engineering Base as the lifecycle system for its plants

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