Logistics expert WITRON will continue to rely on ELCAD

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Almost 3 decades of daily use

Logistics expert WITRON will continue to rely on ELCAD from AUCOTEC in the future

For more than 50 years, WITRON Logistik & Informatik GmbH has been planning, implementing and operating customized material flow systems. The family business with headquarters in Bavaria and further subsidiaries in Europe, North America, Australia and Singapore is one of the global market leaders in highly dynamic storage and picking systems. From logistics planning to control engineering, mechatronics design and manufacturing, and responsibility as a general contractor, all key elements can be found at WITRON. More than 5,100 employees worldwide contribute to the company's success amounting to a turnover of around €1.05 billion in 2021.

Established and sustainable

AUCOTEC has contributed to the success of the design since 1994 with its E-CAE system ELCAD. "It was the first planning system that could work on Windows level, so we decided on ELCAD, not least because it was already a mature, established product at that time," reports Konrad Adam, Head of Electrical Design at WITRON. Their requirements were the same then as they are now: efficient, transparent generation of all relevant documentation, fast project planning of recurring functions, and efficient import and export capabilities. "All in sustainable quality, of course," adds Adam, emphasizing, "ELCAD has done that really well over the years – we use the latest version every day."

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Automatisms save time

The department manager gives the quick, intuitive learning of ELCAD's functionalities, its clarity and easy data export in various formats, as well as easy importability of ELCAD data and documents by other tools as reasons. What is particularly important to him, however, are the extensive symbol construction options: "This allows us to generate a lot of automatisms and information for further processing. But even simple things like keyboard shortcuts or copying drawing content from other projects via macros save us a lot of time," says Konrad Adam, who also praises AUCOTEC's good and fast support.

More is always possible

Not only the designers are supported. Materials management, PLC software creation or paperless control cabinet production also benefit from ELCAD information, for example through simple export. "Due to our continuous growth and the very good order situation, we will acquire more licences," says the design manager. "Even ELCAD novices can productively support our professionals after a short time." In addition, an interface for layouting is planned, as well as further optimization of the semi-automatic plan generation. "More is always possible with ELCAD," Adams concludes.