What problems do EPCs have and what solutions does AUCOTEC offer them?

The main challenges for EPC´s are international competitions and new technology’s driven by trends like decompensation and modularization that leads to a very high time and cost pressure in engineering and construction. The different disciplines need to work in  parallel in an agile way. These disciplines are depending on each other and so the existing toolchain doesn`t support this kind of work in the right matter. Especially if it comes to change loops during the engineering, the effort to synchronize the different disciplines is very very high and leads to mistakes. With Engineering Base we adress exactly this challenge. Engineering Base enables and controls the parallel current agile cooperation of different disciplines on one central platform. The baseline is the unique architecture and data driven approach of Engineering Base. In our customer projects we analyze the existing workflow, together with our customers and we define together the optimize workflow and that leads to time savings in engineering and construction and to a higher quality. That means, at the end of the day, success for EPC´s.