From concept to operation

General contractor relies on integrated engineering with EB

Julius Montz GmbH, headquartered in Hilden, Germany, is a Koch Engineered Solutions Company and a leading supplier of thermal separation technology for the chemical, fine and oleochemical industries as well as for pharmaceuticals and medicine. Montz also offers solutions for renewable energies and the food sector. At the Landau site, Julius Montz Process Technology also manufactures complete plants with a focus on thermal process engineering, alcohol technology and solvent recovery. The portfolio includes everything from engineering, component supply and assembly to the commissioning of complete plants. AUCOTEC‘s Engineering Base (EB) cooperation platform supports Montz in this.

Data records always up-to-date

„We weren‘t even looking for a new system, AUCOTEC approached us, and we‘re pleased about that“, says Thomas Gratt, head of project management at Montz, „because EB‘s solutions address our challenges perfectly.“ Above all, the fact that everyone involved works with the same up-to-date data records at the same time is a decisive plus. This principle greatly minimizes the potential for error. „EB always shows the current data, we save a lot of consultation and transmissions“, Gratt reports.


From the PFD to the P&ID to the documentation of all plant components, the process professionals now work with EB. Thanks to the association of data records and flow diagrams, the project engineers have access to the current project status.
They communicate directly with the construction via the flow diagram and the stored information. For communication with external suppliers, Montz uses, among other things, EB‘s Asset 360 module, which can be used to create data sheets matching the apparatus specification in no time at all.
Change management also benefits from the consistency of the central model. Because the data records are linked to each other and to their graphical equivalents, changes can be tracked by data tracking over the entire course of the project and in every view.

Less work for special requests

„As a general contractor for a wide variety of customers with individual specifications, flexibility is particularly important to us“, says the project manager. Whether part number ranges, media codes or pipe classes: „Thanks to EB‘s flexible attribute design, we can now implement customer requests more easily and quickly“, says Gratt. To do this, Montz has adapted EB to its own needs. „We put a lot of effort into this – with very good AUCOTEC support – but it was more than worth it“, he emphasizes. That is why they want to expand EB‘s use, for example for the tendering phase and instrumentation. „The platform has enough potential for the future“, concludes Julius Montz Process Technology.