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Digital twin for digital delivery

CHIEFTAIN uses EB to realize digital collaborative engineering of process instrument and electrical

Established in 2003, Beijing CHIEFTAIN Control Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of integrated automation system solutions for bioengineering and pharmaceutical industries in China. The company is mainly engaged in professional R&D and production of high-tech products of industrial automation process control in the bioengineering industry, and is one of leading enterprises in the bioengineering automation control engineering industry.

New Challenges

CHIEFTAIN had been using AutoCAD, Excel and other design tools to conduct design before. Although these tools can quickly perform drawing, they cannot support the enterprise level standardization construction and management of process and electrical instrument design, and cannot automatically count equipment, i/o, cable and terminal information in the project, and cannot realize the engineer's modification of process flow chart and electrical principle design, automatically update to other reports and production drawings. There are repeated modification and proofreading of various drawings and reports in the process of pre-sale communication, scheme design and detailed design of the project. The design and communication efficiency is not high, the error rate and labor cost are high, which has always been the problem faced by the design and management personnel every day. In order to improve the design efficiency and the degree of design standardization, Chengyitong chose the Engineering Base (EB) of AUCOTEC as the company's process and digital collaborative design software.

Centralized Database

After the introduction of EB software, all kinds of standard legends, drawings and report templates involved in the project are stored in a unified central database. The main data stored in the database can be used for all project designs, and all designers can access the data in the same database, which greatly improves the standardization degree of design drawings and report documents. Through the application of EB's intelligent and modular P&ID design, I&C design, electrical design, and custom design process in EB, including the communication mechanism of procurement, engineering and other departments in project operation, the standardization degree of design process is improved.

In addition, the tedious equipment list, pipeline list, equipment data table, instrument index, I/O list, instrument data table and valve data table in the previous design engineering can be automatically generated through the defined standard template and keep the synchronous update with P&ID, so as to reduce the error rate and improve the whole design efficiency by nearly 40%, thus shortening the project cycle.

Digital Delivery

EB has a unique object-oriented data architecture. All kinds of equipment, pipelines, instruments and signals in the factory have a unique "object data model" corresponding to it. All parameters related to the equipment, pipelines, instruments and signals, such as equipment tag, description information, rated pressure, operating temperature, etc., are saved as the attributes of the equipment. The location, system and working condition of the factory are described by specific objects; All kinds of objects, such as equipment, location and system, are stored in EB, thus forming a complete two-dimensional logical digital twin model of factory in EB. With the support of EB's data model, CHIEFTAIN is ready for the digital delivery of projects.