Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile


Everything from a single source / One platform for the platform

Shaanxi Heavy Duty chooses EB Cable for vehicle development

One of the largest service platforms for the entire life cycle of commercial vehicles – this is what Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Co., Ltd. offers its customers in China. With a combination of products and services, the company offers almost everything from a single source: from vehicle platforms and wiring harnesses to finance leasing, insurance and data services for the "Internet of Vehicles". In order to further expand its competitiveness, Shaanxi decided years ago to reorganize its platform and module strategy for commercial vehicles and thus its product line. Since then, Shaanxi Heavy Duty has therefore relied on AUCOTEC's Engineering Base (EB) Cable as a unified design platform for the development of a new model platform.

Not only faster, but also better

More complex product types, configuration of a wide range of modules, rapid reuse of platform-specific templates and immediate adaptation of the design – these were all decisive points why the company switched from the document-oriented harness design software KABI to the data-centred EB Cable. It was important to the Chinese bus & truck specialists that EB can support the entire corporate strategy, not just parts of it. From the initial design of the platform modules to the design of the individual model, Shaanxi Heavy Duty uses the concept of reusing EB Cable's 150% system circuit diagram (SYS) with the predefined logics, from which the wiring diagram (KAB) can be derived in no time, thus significantly speeding up the design of the models derived from the vehicle platform. Shaanxi values this standardization, and the high quality and modularity also speak for themselves.

Modular and collaborative

EB Cable as wiring harness design software also provides numerous other advantages: EB's central data management and object orientation, as well as its rule-based design, were an ideal fit for Shaanxi Heavy Duty's new strategy. The modular and collaborative design principle has significantly improved efficiency and product quality. Thanks to the standardization of the vehicle platform model, the modular design and production have been standardized, which also optimizes costs. EB's unique worksheet tool, for example, could significantly reduce the cost of part inspection. From the first 150% SYS to the customized vehicle – with EB Cable, Shaanxi gains time AND quality!