Mechatronic Explorer - Integration of CAE data in the Engineering Base

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Mechatronic Explorer

Advantages for the plant manufacturer:

- Integration platform for mechanical and electrical design document from different E-CAD systems
- Information system for workshop and service personnel with redlining functions
- Substitute for printed documentation in the corporate design of the plant manufacturer


The MECHATRONIC EXPLORER visualizes circuit and cabinet layout diagrams, cable and terminal diagrams, pneumatic / hydraulic diagrams, mechanical drawings in a pixel format, photos, PDF documentations, parts lists, cable lists and cable assignment lists, terminal and PLC allocation lists. The intelligent navigation uses the interconnections of the documents and lists and thus aids service personnel and users with the fastest possible orientation even within very extensive and complex plant documentations.

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The MECHATRONIC EXPLORER can be configured with multilingual options and is UNICODE capable. Changes are marked, drawn and electronically transmitted with redlining via a text  and graphic editor. The user can use a shopping basket to collect the required parts, order inquiries can be automatically generated and dispatched.

- Management of several plants in a container
- Retroactive import of additional projects into an existing container
- Instant start from CD or USB stick without installation
- Access to data with user access management also via the Internet
- Document and device parts list browser
- Navigation between parts and equipment lists, cables, cable cores and documents
- Signal tracking
- Management of contactor allocations, PLC assignments, terminal and cable assignment lists as well as cross-references with the corresponding navigation between or within documents
- Tip tool for displaying equipment information via cursor contact
- Zooming in and out with automatic representation of an overview window
- Redlining for marking, copying of graphics and entry of texts in the drawings with automatic e-mail transmission
- Creation and reuse of bookmarks
- Data output of table contents in the EXCEL file format

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- Quick finding of drawings via identifier, part number, text retrieval for different object types
- Arbitrary navigation for all kinds of documents such as circuit diagrams, terminal diagrams, cable diagrams, bus installation diagrams etc.; search via part number, item designation, cable designation
- Simultaneous display of components displayed in a distributed manner in a document and a tabular overview (e.g. relay contacts)
- Integration platform for external documents such as mechanics diagrams and mechanics parts lists, operating instructions, photos
- User interface and data contents can be switched online to other languages (also Chinese characters in user interfaces and lists)
- Expandable by process interfacing with automatic navigation and circuit diagrams
- Simple, intuitive operation
- Suitable for assembly, commissioning, customer documentation, on-site or remote service, customer service, distribution, search for and ordering replacement parts, where-used lists of parts, etc.

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