DCS portal in the Plant Solution of Engineering Base


DCS Portal in the Engineering Base Plant Solution

The Engineering Base (EB) platform provides a secure bridge between plant engineering and control system programming. The relevant parameters are transferred directly and go automatically into programming - even if several different DCS systems are being used.

The challenge

Control systems are the brains of a plant. They control the operation with all functions and continuously process information from the plant. The prerequisite: the DCS (Distributed Control System) knows all the relevant parameters from plant engineering.

A complicating factor is the fact that the automation specialists are often only deployed at the end of the workflow chain and are then under considerable time pressure while programming. In addition, it goes without saying that even at this stage, changes are still being made which pose particular problems if not all parties involved can access a common database.

The solution

The bridge between engineering and control system

With its DCS portal, AUCOTEC significantly shortens the path between engineering and control system programming as all specifications from the system design can be transferred directly and automatically to the programming of any common DCS - even targeted to multiple DCS.

A portal for all control systems

Each automation system has its own programming tools. No problem for Engineering Base (EB), the integrated and cooperative platform of AUCOTEC as the portal provides efficient interfaces that give each system the relevant design information - regardless of whether the DCS is the Siemens PCS 7, ABB 800xA or another.

Changes are welcome

The many unavoidable changes that are associated with plant planning and plant operation are passed on to the appropriate control system tool if they affect the sensor / actuator logic. EB works consistently and database-based, thus avoiding transmission errors.

Your benefits

Automation support is a building block in the performance range of EB that unites all the relevant engineering disciplines. Automation specialists benefit from the platform's efficiency, speed and quality:

  • Ideal for EPCs and operators even with multiple DCS in use
  • Highly efficient configuration of DCS programming
  • Adaptation of communication formats to the requirements of different DCS systems
  • Fast and secure application of changes
  • Shorter waiting time for automation specialists
  • Significant acceleration of automation engineering