EB Mobile View: Quickly eliminating malfunctions and sending back maintenance data


Data and documents available at your finger touch everywhere, anytime

View complete plant documents, navigate in the data model and between diagrams and add comments and redlining using your mobile devices


In the event of a plant malfunction, maintenance personnel are required to have the documentation of the affected area or device to hand as quickly as possible. One of the challenges in this case is to find the actual component – in a number of folders, digital containers of document management systems and finally PDFs. However, you have to find more than just a diagram with its designation, as you need all the associated attributes and links to ensure that connections and functions work perfectly when a device is replaced or repaired.

The problem is that technicians are usually unfamiliar with complex engineering systems that contain all this data, let alone documentation structures and standards. That's not their job either. They only need very specific information – but they need to find it easily and quickly, as often "time is money", and a lot of it, in the event of a malfunction.


Simple search engine EB Mobile View

For all engineering systems from AUCOTEC, thus ELCAD, AUCOPLAN, RUPLAN and now also for the cooperation platform Engineering Base (EB), EB Mobile View is a tool that ensures absolute ease of use and rapid retrieval in such cases. For this purpose, existing projects can be easily exported from the systems to the browser-based tool irrespective of the operating system. In EB, this export can be linked to revision management. Thus, EB Mobile View synchronizes with the last released status of the plant documentation.

When maintenance is required, the on-site service experts simply obtain the project data, which is always available online, directly on their mobile devices. If the plant does not have network access, the data of the corresponding plant area can also be downloaded in advance, for example, to a notebook. The defective component can be found in no time via a simple search entry. The fitters can then navigate in a touch-based manner through the logic of the digital twin on their mobile device and obtain any necessary information directly on the screen. When displaying "engine 1", for example, they also obtain data on its performance, all connections, manufacturer information and other technical parameters – without requiring system know-how and engineering expertise.

Identifying, repairing, informing

When used in conjunction with the platform EB, the capabilities of the app go well beyond the possibilities described. After all, knowing a particular object is not enough. After a repair or replacement, the documentation must be updated so that, not only is it accurate when something goes wrong again, but the documented as-built status really corresponds to the reality of the plant, thus is a true digital twin and not an "older sister" of an operating plant or machine.

For this purpose, EB Mobile View enables redlining directly in the loaded EB documentation. Once the fault has been eliminated, the technician marks the corresponding component and assigns it a malfunction name. The importance of information can also be highlighted by simply ticking the "urgent" box. By clicking on "Transfer", EB Mobile View bundles a package with all service information and exports it as a message to the engineering department, where the experts import the data into EB.

All about up-to-dateness

From the service information it received from EB Mobile View, EB generates an engineering task which automatically appears in the list of tasks for the engineering department. This includes the malfunction designation, comments as well as all redlining sheets and the status "Imported from EB Mobile View". Each of the redlining sheets is linked to its original sheet in EB. Thus, the engineering professionals do not have to search in order to ultimately transfer the maintenance information to the appropriate place. Once this is done, there is a new revision status that can be transferred to EB Mobile View. In the event of any new malfunction, the current as-built status is thus ensured in the tool and the service is ready to start immediately.


Retention of value

The operating-system-independent app makes technicians more flexible and faster when eliminating malfunctions. Its ease of use is an essential factor. In addition, the app ensures the easy and secure sending of service information back to engineering. This means that the digital twin of the plant or machine is always up-to-date and the documentation with all its painstakingly compiled data retains its high value, as this data can always be reliably used – not only for eliminating malfunctions, but also for maintenance, revampings, downtime schedules or operating licenses.

Overview of benefits:

  • As-is plant data always available for a quick response in the event of a malfunction
  • Easy searching and retrieval of sub-system and object data
  • Exclusively in EB:
    • Linking the data import to revision management
    • Convenient sending of change information from service experts back to engineering
    • Ensuring notification of engineering
    • Constant reliability of the current digital twin